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The Actor's Guide To MurderBaby, Don T Even Go There That Was Jarrod Jarvis S Catch Phrase As The Adorable, Girl Crazy Moppet On The Eighties Sitcom, Go To Your Room It Was A Great Ride Until The Tabloids Caught The Popular Teen Idol Kissing Another Guy At The L.A Gay Rodeo Gay And Teen Heartthrob Not Exactly Being Career Making Words At The Time, Jarrod S Star Crashed Harder Than A Kathie Lee Gifford CD.Flash Forward Now Happily Living With His Cop Boyfriend, Charlie, And Their Dog, Snickers, In The Hollywood Hills, Jarrod S Ready To Hit The Comeback Trail But He Never Imagines How Fame Will Strike This Time At A Reading With His Psychic, Jarrod Is Disturbed To Hear That Someone Close To Him Will Be Murdered And Even Shocked When It Turns Out To Be His Best Friend, Willard Ray Hornsby, Also A Former Child Star When Willard Is Found Face Down In His Own Lap Pool, The Cops Call It An Accident, But Jarrod S Far From Convinced And He S Ready To Play The Sherlock Holmes Of West Hollywood To Prove His Conspiracy Theory Right.But What Starts In Curiosity Soon Becomes Deadly Serious Willard Was Keeping Some Very Weighty Secrets And Even Dangerous Company From A Tattooed Body Work Specialist To Willard S Formidable Mother And Her Nefarious Lover, Everyone Seems To Have Had A Reason To Want Him Out Of The Picture Permanently And When Another Body Turns Up, It S Clear That In A Town Full Of Actors, Somebody S Playing The Very Convincing Part Of A Killer Now, Among The Hustlers And The Wannabes, The Boy Toys, Sadistic Acting Coaches, And The Tabloid Press, Jarrod S High Profile Sleuthing Is Making Him Once Into A Household Name Except This Kind Of Publicity Is A Very Bad Thing Because Jarrod S Newest Fan Is Someone Who Doesn T Want An Autographhe Wants Him Dead.Fast, Furious, And Outrageously Funny, Rick Copp S Debut Mystery Introduces A Gay Sleuth With The Panache Of William Powell, The Timing Of Paul Rudnick, And An Acid Wit That Turns Hollywood Deliciously Inside Out.

Free ↠ The Actor's Guide To Murder By Rick Copp –
  • Hardcover
  • 248 pages
  • The Actor's Guide To Murder
  • Rick Copp
  • English
  • 17 May 2018
  • 9780758204950

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    Lots of telling but I kind of understand in this case It s well set up and believable Very funny and sometimes in a subtle way like I left Lauretta at Baskin Robbins arguing with the sales clerk about the pitiful amount of Butterfingers pieces he put in her fat free yogurt Stan was eighty two years old but looked seventy six if he was a day Food always became an overriding obsession when we were nervous Or sad Or happy Or excited Food was just an overriding obsession, come to think of it I don t always like when the MCs are already in a relationship but I do like it this time His bf is incredibly sweet and understanding They have a great relationship and the bf sometimes even finds the main guy s antics entertaining when they re not dangerous It s the ever popular trope of a cop who tells his nosy adorable bf not to investigate a murder He and his partner love to watch the show Oz It s guilt free TV Because it s critically acclaimed, we don t have to feel sleazy watching all the full frontal male nudity I ve been missing out I wonder if it s on Netflix The MC is exactly my age so it was fun revisiting our formative years It s dated though In his never ending assertion of the name brands he wears, he mentions his Joe Boxer underwear several times Clearly this was before they got the K Mart account which made the company instantly go from des...

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    Loved this so much than I thought I would So funny My only complaint is that I would have liked to get to know Jarrod s bf better whose name I can t even recall right now and see their dynamic as a couple One of the themes of the book was Jarrod s u...

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    this book was a thrill ride and so much fun it put me in a great mood and I just had to start another one too bad there is only 3 books to this series cant wait to delve into the next thanks so much John for telling me about them theyre what reading i...

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    Actorscan t live with emcan t kill em But you can try So many actor cliches in here, that are handled in a funny tongue in cheek way There s also a good who dunnit in there that winds it s way throughout the story, twisting and turning along the way Who s the good guy and who s a baddie

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    This book and its sequels will definitely go on the guilty pleasures list Here s why these books are to the mystery genre what Dawson s Creek was to tv drama.If you re looking for deep characters, meaningful plots and the kind of mystery that will stick with you long after the book is finished, these books are not for you If you re looking for a light read, a lead character who drops pop culture references than your average Gil Girl, and the kind of mystery you d see solved in an hour on a tv show, then these books are definitely for you.The lead character is Jarrod Jarvis, former child actor on an 80s ABC Friday night comedy called Go To Your Room best known for his catchphrase Baby, don t go there Jarrod s career came to a screeching halt when he was 16 and was photographed kissing another boy at a gay rodeo Thankfully, Jarrod s parents investing his 5 seasons worth of income well, and as an adult now he lives comfortably with his cop boyfriend Charlie in the hills outside LA.The first book in the series, Guide to Murder, starts the ball rolling when Jarrod discovers a fellow former child star murdered and vows to solve the crime even though the police rule it an accidental death From there, the pace is fast, the action is broken out like the acts of an hour long detective show, and the pop cult references are fast and furious.Despite his self absorption and penchant for dropping names, Jarrod is a very likeable character Likeable eno...

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    I read this as I was looking for a gay mystery series and a reviewer said this series was funnier than the Vermilion series To that I say re read the second book in that series, Cobalt This book was cute, a little charming perhaps, though that started to wear thin Not what I would call funny The hero is likeable enough, a former child star of the eighties now 30 and on a new acting career path There are a couple of problems though which distract from the book.The book seems written by someone who s 45, not someone who s 30, many references to eating snacks and Judy Garland There are too many suspects, everyone in the book is taken down the road of possible killer and then brought back and it s too much Finally the twists in the book are unrealistic and taken out of a telenovela One character turns out to be an identical twin, another is a woman who is later revealed to have been born a man, there s psychics, one of these things would have been ...

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    Surprisingly fun mystery Jarrod Jarvis is a previous child actor who has not been too successful lately getting parts he currently also is with a cop as his boyfriend of three years He goes to an audition and runs into an ex flame, his first love The ex gets the part Jarrod was going to throw a birthday and celebratory party but the ex doe...

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    Another fun murder adventure w 80 s child star turned amateur detective Jordan Jarvis book one of an enjoyable gay comfortable murder series since this was the first one i liked this one a little better than the other i d read since it laid groundwork for the characters why hasn t logo m...

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    The murderer s motive being get someone s life insurance money to pay for her MtF surgery is crazy offensive And the author s faux compassion about it was really gross 2003 was weird bad times man.

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    I love this series of books These characters are funny

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