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War StoriesHaving Joined The BBC As A Trainee In 1984, Jeremy Bowen Became A Foreign Correspondent Four Years Later He Had Witnessed Violence Already, Both At Home Abroad, But It Wasn T Until He Covered His First War That He Felt He Had Arrived This Is His Story, Examining His Desire To Become A War Reporter How The Nature Of The Job Has Changed.

[ KINDLE ] ✾ War Stories Author Jeremy Bowen – Realestatelawcenter.us
  • Paperback
  • 297 pages
  • War Stories
  • Jeremy Bowen
  • English
  • 07 August 2017
  • 9780743449687

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    Bowen recounts his days as a foreign correspondent for the BBC, travelling to war torn lands to report the news Some of the conflicts he talks about I recall as they happened within my lifetime and from when I was old enough to be aware of world events It was interesting to sort of look back and to think of how things are different,...

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    There can be few living journalists who have spent so much time in dangerous circumstances, admirably compiling information and video footage Jeremy Bowen has spent a huge proportion of his career in war zones, and has seen many c...

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    Some excellent moments Some very concise snippets of historical analysis were pithy and digestible.On the other hand repetitious passages about the changes in the news cycle were very dull Similar themes of journalistic morals could have been kept down to two or three lectures A few almost Partridge like asides about cars and other rather dull trappings undermined the drama The spine of the book was Bowen s evolving sense of personal danger and lots of the book felt like therapy or excus...

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    Jeremy is an old hand at sending pieces to camera from war torn countries and it all looks so effortless This gritty account proves without a shadow of a doubt that it is not In fact, the harsh life that war correspondents lead is quite simply astonishing, as they duck and dive with local people trying to survive in a war zone The most touching aspect of Bowen s account is how affected he is by the loss of random friends he meets in the war torn villages Sudden death is a daily reality...

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    A great book that gives a flavour of war reporting and the challenges both from a practical and emotional view point on everyone involved.I enjoyed the pace of the book and also the human stories peppered throughout linked to the sense of danger and the passion to get a story out ...

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    Best bbc breakfast reporter

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