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Letters From ConstanceIn 1939, As They Leave School, Constance And Sheila Vow To Keep In Touch Posted To Ireland In The WRNS, Constance Marries Fergus, A Gregarious Irishman Before Long, Stifled By Domesticity And Motherhood, She Envies Sheila, Writing Poetry And Married To The Fiercely Creative Miles Gradually, However, A Different Reality Emerges, For Constance Has Unacknowledged Talents Of Her Own, While Sheila S Public Success Is Bought At Great Personal Cost From The War To The 1980s, Constance Writes To Sheila Of Her Everyday Hopes And Sorrows, And Through Her We Learn Much Of Sheila S Gallantry And Courage We Learn, Too, Of The Social And Political Developments That Challenge And Shape Her Values, Until Finally Outside Events Come Too Close And The Fragile Balance Of Constance S Own World Is Threatened.

➝ Letters From Constance free download ➢ Author Mary Hocking – Realestatelawcenter.us
  • Paperback
  • 240 pages
  • Letters From Constance
  • Mary Hocking
  • English
  • 07 April 2018
  • 9781853814778

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    lettersfromconstanceThis Mary Hocking novel is the one I chose to kick off my own rememberMary month It is the sixth novel by her that I have read and has become an instant favourite.The novel is written entirely in letters, letters sent from Constance to her girlhood friend Sheila In 1939 as Constance and Sheila leave school they promise each other to keep in touch, Sheila is bound for University, Constance to begin work at the education office The letters, warm, affectionate, always thoughtful and intelligent, occasionally angry are sent at irregular intervals over the next forty seven years, until the two are inevitably separated Sheila had always been the brilliant one, the prize winner, the one bound for Cambridge, and Constance is happy to bask a little in her reflected glory This was your day My mother had come to see old Addiscombe I never can persuade her to give up hoping for academic success for me She feels she owes it to Daddy s memory to squeeze every opportunity dry According to her, she said I squirm as I write this If Sheila Douglas can get into Cambridge, I can t understand why Constance sh...

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    A novel that consists entirely of one half of an exchange of correspondence between two close friends over a period of 50 years or so would not normally be my idea of an enticing read But, Letters from Constance by Mary Hocking, a writer whom I had never heard of before picking up a copy of the book in a charity shop for just a few pence, confounded my expectations It is a delightful, subtle, unobtrusive and beautifully written story that is much thought provoking than many better known and seemingly weightier novels of a similar vintage I cannot recommend it too highly Constance and Sheila are two middle class friends who have known each other since their schooldays in England in the 1930s They agree to keep in touch when their schooling ends during the run up to the Second World War As the title of the novel suggests, the story consists of the letters that Constance writes to Sheila between 1939 and 1986 as the two friends seek to maintain a close bond with each other while their lives progress in dif...

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    Sheila and Constance are friends from school days As they grow up, marry, and lead very different lives, their friendship is sustained through letters This book gives only the letters Constance writes, but they are very informative and revealing a series of chronicles of life itself.Constance marries an Irishman and Sheila a musician There are the struggling years of raising a family, home and hearth, the seeking outlets for creativity and all of the frustrations women go through as they seek to preserve their own identity within the parameters of home and family Both homes are vastly different but the two friends are able to maintain a close relationship in spite of their differences, for than fifty years.Constance examines and questions in her letters all of the facets of her life and of those around her religion and faith, marriage, family, outlook, careers, the role of men and women, politics As Sheila becomes a published author, Constance congratulates her and is genuinely happy for her, and finds to her surprise, that her own life, although at times seemingly dull, has had its own rewards The children fill my life whether I want it or not they are there and I am here and must answer their needs For years there wasn t much of me left over by the time I had met all those needs During those same years Fergus was working in an environment he liked less and less I used to get tired and bored, angry someti...

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    I got this on audio Brilliantly written Brilliantly read

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    Although I listed this novel on the forgotten books shelf, I am delighted to report that in 2016 Bello published Mary Hocking s books in ebooks and print on demand formats For this we can thank the blogger, Heavenali, who championed Mary Hocking s work and suggested to Bello that it was time for a reprint of this neglected author This terrific book is an epistolary novel that tells us the story of a 50 year friendship between two former schoolmates, Constance and Sheila, through the letters of Constance The letters, written intermittently from 1939 to 1986, cover both the intimate details of domestic life and the cultural, political and religious background against which the two friends live their lives Hocking has created an appealing narrator in Constance ...

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    A really wonderful book

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