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Long Time ComingIn Than Fifty New York Times Bestselling Novels, Sandra Brown Has Captivated Her Millions Of Readers With Stories Of Charismatic Love And Tantalizing Twists Of Fate In This Classic Tale, A Woman Is Reunited With The Man She Has Loved For Years And Must Reveal The Secret That Will Jeopardize Her Chance For Happiness At Last He Arrived Out Of The Blue A Flesh And Blood Phantom From The Past In A Sports Car As Sleek And Sexy As Law Kincaid Himself The World Famous Astronaut Was As Devastatingly Attractive As The First Time Marnie Hibbs Had Laid Eyes On Him, Seventeen Years Before But She Well Knew The Perils Of Falling For A Ladies Man Like Law And This Time She Had Someone Besides Herself To Protect Law Is Determined To Discover Who Is Sending Him Anonymous Letters Claiming He D Fathered A Son He Knows Nothing About Showing Up At The Hibbs S Return Address From The Letters Seemed Like A Step In The Right Direction Marnie Swears She Isn T The Guilty Party, But When Law Meets Her Son, It S Like A One Two Punch To His Solar Plexus The Boy Is Nearly The Spitting Image Of Law Law Can T Remember Sleeping With Marnie Then Again, He Can T Remember Much About His Crazy Past But There S To It Than That Marnie Claims The Boy Isn T Biologically Hers As The Tension Between Them Becomes Unbearable And The Attraction Undeniable, Marnie Is Forced To Reveal A Long Held Secretone That Might Cause Her To Lose Both The Boy She Loves Than Anyone And The Man She Desires Than Anything From The Hardcover Edition.

[Reading] ➶ Long Time Coming Author Sandra Brown – Realestatelawcenter.us
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  • Long Time Coming
  • Sandra Brown
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  • 08 January 2017
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    Cheese Glorious cheese Lol I love it

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    He arrived out of the blue a flesh and blood phantom from the past in a sports car as sleek and sexy as Law Kincaid himself The world famous astronaut was as devastatingly attractive as the first time Marnie Hibbs had laid eyes on him, seventeen years before But she well knew the perils of falling for a ladies man like Law Yes, it did come across as a bit dated The hero was a bit of a jerk Usually I like that but he came across as being a b...

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    This was an average to bad Sandra Brown.Of course, it s one of her older ones, so deserves some leeway.It has that tacky triangle from which I usually veer clear off The younger sister h pining for her older sister s boy friend and after about 2 decades 17 yrs , her time capsuled feelings come gushing out, very much alive and pulsing Cuz, after all, he s her first and only love Spoilers In the present, the national hero astronaut H comes a visiting the address from where he s been getting blackmail letters, regarding a son he fathered and never acknowledged The blackmailer is threatening to blacken his shining hero aura if he doesn t pay up etc the itty bitty mystery angle.The h is understandably flabbergasted at this blast from the past But he doesn t even recognize Squirt while he goes on lambasting her.So what gives The H and the sister had a holiday romance 17 yrs ago She got pregnant, wanted abortion but the preacher father and the preaching lil sister would have none of it The h decides she wanted the kid as then she would have someone to love forever eyerolling pathetic The sister never reforms, parties and drinks hard and meets her just and convenient end in an accident.In the present, the H grudgingly accepts parental role even as he tries to change his orgying manhoeing lifestyle He comes across as a s...

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    I remember liking this book back in the 80s when I first read it Note to self sometimes it is best to just not go back Being woke means you kinda wince at the stuff your less woke self used to enjoy.In this case it was the slut shaming and the constant reinforcement of the Madonna Whore dichotomy that chaps my ass.The hero is an astronaut who 19 years ago when he was 22 hung out for a summer with a 16 year old girl and her 14 y.o sister the heroine Yeah, stop and think about that for a minute He was 22 and they were 16 and 14.But that is ok, the 16 y.o didn t look it So because she was easy he availed himself of her and had sex and disappeared to his fantastic life as an astronaut She got pregnant and had his kid.Fast forward 19 years he s getting threatening letters claiming he fathered a kid So he goes to find out what happened.We learn that the over the years mother of his child was a wild and had lots of men and wanted an abortion and finally died after killing other people in a car crash she caused while drivi...

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    Hepsi birbirinden sa ma karakterler, st ne de k t bir eviri olunca kitab bitirmek eziyet oldu

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    Yup it was older and cheesy but I like cheese It was heartwarming, romantic and a lil funny Law was in an arrogant rich doof, but luckily he came around.

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    How can a telephone look recently installed This was quick read that was borderline ridiculous in a lot of ways Ok It wasn t THAT bad.The 80s references were nostalgic There was no cheating although having some chicky rub up against the H is still annoying to read.Despite the good, there was an awful lot to swallow to get through this book, and I couldn t buy most of it especially the speed with which the son takes to his father You know, the one who had been absent for the first 15 years of his life Expensive toys and presents aside, I just don t see a kid embracing a new parent, even if he is a famous astronaut, as quickly as David.Then there s Marnie I could see her character acting the way she did because that s how Sandra Brown wrote her In fact, I m sure there are real, live Marnie s out there but jeez I don t know I was torn between feeling sorry for her and ...

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    This is my first Sandra Brown book and I really quite enjoyed it It was quick and sweet Just what I needed at the time I thoroughly enjoyed it The pacing was fast, I loved that This book was originally wrote in 1983so there are a few things I had to chuckle about Like her son has a poster of Christy Brinkley on his wall I thought that was so funny Anyway it s a really sweet romance There were times when I was bawling like a babyI was thinkingGod wha...

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    Long Time Coming By Sandra Brown Loving a man for years without his knowledge A grandmother doing what she could by helping the mother,son and father become a family The author saved the best for last.

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    I also wish we had the 1 2 star option Sometimes one is just too much.Please don t ask me why I read something this awful I m not sure I want to live in a world where people write such trash and are able to get it published We need famines.

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