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Racoons On The RoofMandy S Delighted When She Spots A Mother And Baby Raccoon On The Roof Of The House Where She S Staying But The Next Door Neighbor Doesn T Like The Raccoons, And Has Laid Traps For The Playful Creatures And Wants Them Destroyed Can Mandy Keep The Raccoons Away From Danger

[Ebook] ↠ Racoons On The Roof Author Ben M. Baglio – Realestatelawcenter.us
  • Paperback
  • 151 pages
  • Racoons On The Roof
  • Ben M. Baglio
  • English
  • 22 March 2019
  • 9780340699515

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    This book was pretty good for one of those children s series that go on and on and on forever The human interactions are simplistic but on the nice end of the spectrum which is probably the side to err on the snobby kid is actually shy, parents who seem like awful people are actually loving and will eventually listen to their children while this ideal is not always true in reality, within the book it is reasonable.The human interactions of course are a vehicle for showing appreciation of and relationship to animals in this case alligators and of course the titular raccoons This appreciation of animals and conservation is certainly worth fostering in children although vegan issues are not discussed which is a pity but it is a short and simple book for very young readers of course They kept romance out of it which I REALLY appreciated I wouldn t hesitate to hand this book to a child who wanted something to read or to read ...

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    My favourite parts were when Courtney was okay after her fall, when Ricky was released back into the wild after getting caught in an animal trap, and when Mr Miller found out he was wrong about animals and that they were really smart and nice, not a nuisance The worst parts were when Courtney fell off the roof after trying to rescue Ricky, when Ricky got caught in one of the traps the pest control people put out, and when Mr Millers was very mad about Mandy, Joel, and Courtney trying to save animals My favourite characters were Mandy and Courtney Mandy because she helped the Raccoons stay away from Moonshadow, and Courtney because she Talked Mr Miller into liking animals after she got back from the hospital The worst character was Mr ...

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    I was completely obsessed with this series of books when I was a child and my aim was to read every single book They are a really good children s series.This book is always one of the books that sticks out in my mind from all the Animal Ark books for some reason.

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    Unlike a lot of other children s series, the Animal Ark collection is rarely condescending and manages to educate without being overly didactic This story is fun, there s bit of a mystery to solve and a few surprises in character development Recommended.

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    My second of the series The obsession starts

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    Mandy s neighbor lays out traps for raccoons.

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    Loved it

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