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Voices from the great Black baseball leaguesFrom 1887 Through The Early 1950s, Hundreds Of Elite Athletes Played In The Negro Leagues, Banned From The Majors Because Of The Color Of Their Skin The Foremost Historian Of The Blackball Era Spent Nearly Ten Years Researching This Acclaimed Oral History, Interviewing 17 Outstanding Players Including Cool Papa Bell, Buck Leonard, And Willie Wells Over 80 Vintage Photographs.

[ Download ] ✤ Voices from the great Black baseball leagues Author John Holway – Realestatelawcenter.us
  • Hardcover
  • 363 pages
  • Voices from the great Black baseball leagues
  • John Holway
  • English
  • 09 July 2019
  • 9780396071242

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    Candid and revealing behind the scenes stories about the Blackball era from some of its greatest stars Captured in these pages are the memories of the lives and games of some of the greatest athlete s in our nation s history whose skills and abilities were denied to our so called National Pastime as a result of systemic racism and ignorance.As a baseball fan and lover o...

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    I have to shift this to the abandoned pile, not for lack of merit but just because I haven t had time to get to it It is a really cool book where the author tracks down Negro League players and interviews them about their playing days years later A great piece of preservation as...

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    This reprint provided interviews from some of the Negro League stars It is interesting to read their account of the game and other players.

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    John Holway was smart enough to get oral histories of Negro League stars in the early 1970s before they were gone What a wonderful collection, just as The Glory of Their Times did for white players I enjoyed it immensely Each chapter is one player telling his story.There is a lot of talk these days about the right way to play, and grumbling about how baseball used to be better before analytics As you might guess, same as with general griping about how terrible youngsters are, this is an eternal lament These ballplayers repeated similar complaints about how there was no trickeration any , less skill, coddling And they were talking almost 50 years ago.One of the right ways to play is bunting They complained that by the early 1970s no one was bunting any In other words, the old guys who whine now that the bunt has disappeared were themselves criticized for not doing it enough and not doing it well Incidentally, the way the Negro League players talked, they must have bunted a lot They all talked about it in some detail.Just as I read in the Satchel Paige biography, these players were unanimous that Jackie Robinson was far from the best player and that the Negro Leagues should get credit for showing white players and executives for so long that their players could beat anyone.The players show a lot of nostalgia but amazingly little bitterness They had the bad luck of being excellent baseball players at a time when they were not allowed to get the kinds o...

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    Reminiscent and doubtlessly influenced by The Glory of their Times , except that John Holway talked to Negro Leaguers, instead of their white MLB counterparts I hope I can be forgiven for wishing there were a few legends here, and a few less random light hitting journeymen, but all the stories are interesting Of course, most of the stories told were essentially unverifiable, but isn t that half the point If you re inte...

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