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Anything but a Gentleman Marianne Thought Her New Neighbor, Lord Ravensford, Would Be A Gentleman, But She Was Sadly Disillusioned Mistaking Her For A Lightskirt, He Offered To Make Her His Mistress, Insulting Her Beyond Measure Equally, Lord Ravensford Had Desperately Wanted To Convince Her Of His Respectability Then Danger And Intrigue Make Them Join Forces, And They Find Themselves Caught Up In A Desperate Adventure That Swept Them To The Shores Of Revolutionary France But Was It Necessity That Had Brought Them Together, Or Was It Something

[Epub] ↠ Anything but a Gentleman  Author Amanda Grange – Realestatelawcenter.us
  • Hardcover
  • 244 pages
  • Anything but a Gentleman
  • Amanda Grange
  • English
  • 05 December 2018
  • 9780709069065

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    If I didn t read so much Regency romance, I would have probably given this book 3 stars, but as it is, I felt that this book didn t quite catch my heart and imagination as many others I have read Overall, this book is a good, quick read, romance I just felt that things between the characters got really intense, really fast like in the movie Twilightthese people don t know each other, insult each otherand oh now I want to kiss you passionatelyit just didn t work for me Also I felt that so much of the time Luke was portrayed as a predatory sort of man and then all the sudden he is this great guy I wish there had been of a transformation for his character It would have made him and Marianne getting together much satisfying Also, this is just a petty thing I really hated the book cover Most regency romance book covers are so beautiful, but sadly this on wasn t and I really like to read ...

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    I was captivated by Amanda Grange s amazing talent for writing and capturing the regency era perfectly when I read her series of diaries when she told the story of the much loved Jane Austen novels from the heroes point of view And then I decided to try some of her other regency romances, starting with this one also know as The earl next Door , and I was not disappointe...

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    Marianne Travis is busy running her family s estate Her brother is in exile, having run up excessive gambling debts so unlike him which caused her father to become a recluse Marianne is compassionate towards her tenants in such hard times and doesn t begrudge them a rabbit or two, especially during winter, but her neighbor s estate manager has set man traps to catch poachers After rescuing a man from a trap, Marianne is determined to put a stop to the traps She is delighted to discover the estate has been rented by a Lord Ravensford, surely a kindly older man who will listen to her pleas for help Lord Ravensford is anything but an old man and not very kind either Their first meeting gets them off on the wrong foot Luke Summerville, Lord Ravensford, is horrified to discover the young woman whom he mistook for a lightskirt is none other than his dear friend Kit s little sister He promised Kit he d keep Marianne safe and help her with her burdens As Marianne s burdens become too much to bear, she has little choice but to lean on Lord Ravensford His support means a lot to her but his handsome looks and devil may care attitude may threaten to steal her heart and cause her pain Where is her brother and why won t he return home Lord Ravensford knows the truth but if the...

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    This book is a quick read, I started reading it about 9pm on the 30th of June and finished it around Noon on July 1st and managed to sleep a customary 6 hours between The premise is rather typical of these sorts of books, girl with her own mind in a time period where that sort of thing is not usually welcomed meets with a dashing man who is anything but a gentleman Throw in some sort of drama, some trite reason for there to be danger and action and a little romance and you have a story That being said, the story itself is enjoyable though I found myself being broken out of the spell of the book often with comments that seemed editorial than was necessary for the story My copy on kindle had a few typos in it, I counted around five is not necessarily a reflection upon the author but it does serve to shove me out of the story I found that at time the book had some very convenient plot points A servant magically knew what had transpired between the hero and heroine and was there just in time to offer an explanation It was trite and I felt it could have been handled a bit better The same servant who had once shown such insight to our heroine suddenly seemed to lose his grasp of the English language and managed to push the heroine into heartbreak when he misinformed her about the hero and a visitor I m not going to ...

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    Note This book was originally published under the title of Anything But A Gentleman Marianne is delighted when the empty estate next door is rented by an earl, but she soon finds that Luke, Lord Ravensford is anything but a gentleman And yet with his dark hair and his dangerous air, she finds herself irresistibly drawn to him, despite the rumors that he has ruined her missing brother When the secret of Kit s disappearance is exposed, she finds herself drawn into an adventure which will test her love to the limits and reveal hidden depths to Luke and his profound feelings for herMy thoughtsI have found a new author for my Comfort Food reading I have read a few other books by this author, Amanda Grange, and enjoyed them Her books always hav...

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    This was an easy to read romance set in 1793 There were elements of the plot that I found a little hard to believe and others that were entirely predictable, but this didn t affect my enjoyment of the book too much I did find that the continual repetition of the title phrase a...

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    I could not put this book down I started it later in the evening, and I HAD to finish it before I would go to bed, which was at like 6 a.m Thank goodness for Spring Break HA , it was THAT GOOD The hero is not your typical gentleman, he has a bit of a rakish side to him Our heroine is strong and courageous, and a little bit feisty This story takes place out of London and in the country, which was a nice change Sometimes I just get tired of the TON and the gossip and the machinations This story takes place around the time of the start of the French Revolution, and the plot has much to do with that as well I really like how the story develops to their HEA It was definitely not a love at first sight story, which is good because those can be so unbelievable a lot of the time There is mystery, jealousy, deception, misunderstanding, all the things you...

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    It took me three months to finish this short story you can tell how captivating it was At times it was difficult to figure out what was going on, other times, I found myself skimming near the end with all of the He wants Me, ...

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    The line anything but a gentleman got a little old.

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    Open the scene in historical English countryside with the terror burning through France on the other side of the ChannelMiss Marianne is out riding with Tom her footman factotum and finds a man trapped in a mantrap imagine a metal teeth bear trap She quickly releases the stranger and takes him home to help heal his leg So the next day she storms over to her new neighbor s mansion to complain and demand that they take away the mantraps Miss Marianne is pretty lovely, but head strong and naive about her personal safety She goes to the new neighbor Lord Ravensford s place and he mistakes her for a lady of little virtue looking for a new protector why would a virtuous lady be without a companion or at least a servant So needless to say, he embarrasses himself by treating her like a future mistress Oops The rest of the book is basically him trying to prove his true worth to her.There is also a mystery about a missing Adele and Marianne s older brother in Franc...

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