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The Soldier and the UnicornIn The Waning Days Of World War I, Edward Forebrusher Encountered A Unicorn On The Killing Fields Of France It Saved His Life But It Was Than Just A Mythical Creature Much.The Unicorn Was Michael Von Hofstadter, A Shapeshifter And Though He Was A German, Neither He Nor Ed Could Deny The Passion That Sprang Up Between Them But Michael Disappeared After That One Glorious Night, And After Returning Home To Rural Michigan, Ed Was Left To Wonder If Their Encounter Had Really Happened Or If It Was A Case Of Shell Shock, As His Doctors Claimed.Now, When The Two Men Meet Again, They Ll Discover If What They Have Is Real Or Just A Fantasy

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    The premise German were unicorn saves American soldier on the battlefields of WWI France they have sex is, unfortunately, pretty much the entire book The sex scenes are mediocre and there s nothing else there I d like to read this as a real story, because gay were unicorns and WWI sound...

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    Ed is a simple farmer in a rural american small town But he is not a normal man Ed saw an unicorn Even if his family believes him nut, Ed is sure of what he saw and he treasures the memory A soldier during the World War I in a battle field in Germany, mortally wounded, he was rescued by an unicorn And when the unicorn lets Ed ride him in a safe place, the unicorn turned in an handsome man, blond hair and blue eyes like a prince charming and made love to Ed, only to disappear the morning after Since that night, Ed, survived to the war and again at home, dreams of his unicorn man, and he feels himself estranged from his family and his land, he only yearns for his fairy tale man Michael is a German noblemen For century his family hid their secret nature, of shapeshifter unicorn and leader During the war he was an officer, like all the men in his family before, but when the war ends, he can t forget the enemy he rescued and made love to With the aid of a forgotten book, Michael tracks down Ed in America Here is a story I for sure regret a lot that is so short, less than 50 pages The setting is original, the World War I, the...

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    Haha Okay Um So this magnificent narrative follows Ed, an American soldier in WWI, who s injured on the battlefield and then, ha, saved from death by a unicorn who then, hee, scoops him up on its back and takes him to an abandoned house where it astonishes him by turning into a hot German dude, with whom Ed immediately has sex Even though he is not gay And then afterward, the unicorn is all Wham bam danke man and disappears only to track Ed down in America once the war is over And then they have sex some The end.I read this because I was hoping it would be hilariously stupid, with maybe a side order of hot It s certainly the former The prose isn t actually that awful, but the premise is so frickin ridiculous that the author would need to do some pretty fancy footwork to sell it, and sh...

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