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Saint Philomenes Infirmary for Magical Creatures In This Madcap Adventure, A Brother And Sister Find Themselves In The Underground Hospital For Magical Creatures Where They Must Save The Lives Of Millions Of Magical Creatures And Themselves.Deep Below Ground, There Is A Secret Hospital For Magical Creatures At Saint Philomene S Infirmary, All Creatures Are Welcome Except Humans So When Twelve Year Old Human Boy Chance Jeopard Unearths A Plot To Destroy The Hospital And Its Millions Of Resident Patients, He Is Launched Into The Role Of Unlikely And Unwelcome Hero His Infinitely Pragmatic And Skeptical Sister, Pauline, Thinks It S All Nonsense Until She Finds Herself Swept Up In The Mission It Will Take All Their Wit And Courage For The Brother And Sister To Save Saint Philomene S And Escape Alive

[Read] ➲ Saint Philomenes Infirmary for Magical Creatures  ➮ W. Stone Cotter – Realestatelawcenter.us
  • Hardcover
  • 288 pages
  • Saint Philomenes Infirmary for Magical Creatures
  • W. Stone Cotter
  • English
  • 01 November 2017
  • 9781627792578

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    Saint Philomene s Infirmary For Magical Creatures is a story of two middle grade kids finding their way to a hidden civilization and becoming entrenched in a doomsday scenario that only they can defuse.I had different expectations with some of the writing choices A bit of the vocabulary seemed elevated compared to the subject matter Hopefully, the target audinece still understands how to reference a dictionary.The parental figures of the two main characters could have been absent from the story IN my opinion, they made little impact to the events in the story However, main characters, siblings, I found to be very clever in their various situations, and had a decent story arc and character growth.There are a couple of pacing issue where the plot jumps around chronologically, but it works in that it helps provide a bit of suspense, and then backs up to explain how the different portions of the story unfolds.THe beginning has a little bit of ...

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    The story Chance Jeopard would never have thought digging a hole would turn out to be so dangerous although it was actually the underground mail system leading to Saint Philomene s that really got him into trouble When he tries to hand deliver a lost letter, he finds out that humans are NOT welcome here and now he s trapped in an underground dungeon with a greasy dwarf looking guy If only his older sister Pauline would come looking for him Well That s not any less likely than a hospital for magical creatures under the ground in Lubbock, Texas June Cleaver s ratings Language PG Violence PG Sexual content G Nudity G Substance abuse PG Magic the occul...

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    I adored this Fun, nary a bad note to set up overly moral people s hackles unless they have an issue with a world under ours filled with odd and interesting beings , siblings that learn to work as a tight team and such cool world building.It might be scary for the wary youngsters pun intended , should be fine for the mature younger readers and no issues with middle grade readers at all You know, so often, I ll read a book for kids and love it, yet feel the need to point out where there might be something hinky or objectionable to either myself or the even stringent parental figure There isn t anything in this book, not even any magic for those uber vigilant parents and I love the closing notes on courage versus bravery and the relationship between the siblings, Chance and Pauline, thro...

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    Chance is a natural risk taker, but with the best of hearts So when he accidentally stops an important letter from being delivered, Chance immediately seeks to remedy this error, even though it means climbing into a pipe several feet underground and hand carrying it to supposedly magical creatures somewhere below What Chance hadn t counted on was that humans are absolutely, positively NOT WELCOME Soon Chance is running for his life, and the lives of every magical creature in the Infirmary, because another human has arrived in the Infirmary, and he is threatening to unleash a plague from up above unless he gets what he wants With the help of Chance s sister and some open minded creatures, Chanc...

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    I received a free review copy of this book from the publisher through my district library services This book didn t really click for me, but I can definitely see it having readers who love it Very madcap for me it jumped around a little too much, but that s just me with a lot of neat creatures and interesting world building.Chance stumbles on an alternate world underground and his sister goes after him They...

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    Did you know that well underground there is a whole tunnel system that leads to a hospital for injured or sick magical creatures Chance didn t either until his obsessive digging it runs in the family uncovered a mail pipe He quickly understands that his taking one of the letters and reading its contents makes him responsible for the fate of all the wonderful creatures below Too bad the creatures don t know that humans are trying to save them A terrific older sister as daring as he is will co...

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    This utterly goofy romp through an imaginary world of every creature created by human mind is sure to please middle grade readers of both action adventure and fantasy The main characters a brother sister duo sport distinct yet familial personalities and have a relationship that will, hopefully, feel fa...

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    Thank you, NetGalley, for this arc.Every book its reader every reader its book This one wasn t for me, but I know it will find its audience with children who enjoy fantasy This book I could encourage both boys and girls to read I stress boys because of the male protagonist, Chase, who gets really dirty digging a big hole in his backyard He ends up in another world far bel...

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    Strength of this book VERY rich language We read it together and there were a few words in it that sent us to the dictionary The author also tends to use a lot of long sentences that almost feel like they are going to b...

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    Even though the characters are middle grade, the plot is much lower There were times when things came together so easily, that it was almost insulting I m not sure the target audience would appreciate this book.

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