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Cinnamon Bun Besties Suki Is Assigned To Run The Student Council Valentine S Day Fundraiser At School With JJ Her Former Bestie Turned Worst Enemy He And Suki Have Been Ultra Competitive About Everything For Years There S No Way They Can Work Together In Fact, They Almost Immediately Resolve To Hold Competing Fundraisers.Meanwhile, Suki Longs For A Dog, But Her Parents Won T Let Her Get One Befriending A Stray At The Park Who She Names Cinnamon Bun Leads Her To Volunteer At The Local Animal Shelter, Which Becomes Her New Home Away From Home.But Then The Fundraiser Gets Out Of Control, And The Shelter Might Close Suki Is Determined To Save The Day, But She Can T Do It Alone And Will She Ever Get A Dog Of Her Own

[Epub] ➟ Cinnamon Bun Besties  ➤ Stacia Deutsch – Realestatelawcenter.us
  • Paperback
  • 240 pages
  • Cinnamon Bun Besties
  • Stacia Deutsch
  • 14 March 2019
  • 9781510730090

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    ARC provided by publisher So my students can read it Suki is on the student council, and their yearly fund raiser to help with the cost of the year end dance is to sell Candy Cards Anyone can buy a piece of candy and a card for 1, and the student council delivers them to the recipients There s a lot of profit, and Suki s organization contributed to the the previous years sales record This year, JJ, with whom she is on the outs, decides that HE wants to help, and he thinks they can sell even Suki is angry, but has little recourse to protest, and her best friend Marley tells her to just deal with it In the meantime, Suki sees a very cute dog loose at the dog park She goes to the local shelter to see if anyone has brought the dog in, and decides to volunteer there, since she is not allowed to have a dog at home She and Marley keep trying to catch the dog, whom she calls Cinnamon Bun after its coloring and its predilection for a similarly named coffee drink, to no avail The Candy Cards project is not going well, and we learn a little about why Suki is at odds with JJ When the animal shelter is having a hard time making ends meet, Suki asks the student council to donate some of the profits to help with the animals The news picks this up, and local companies come to the aid of the shelter The Candy Cards ends up going okay once JJ and Suki learn to work together, and Suki s a...

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    Thanks to the kidlitexchangeprogram for a review copy of this book All opinions are my own Sucki is a young girl that s been competing with JJ since the 4th grade This school year she wants to do the same as last year for the fund raiser for the schools yearly dance by selling Cupid Cards Except that this year JJ wants to help and says that he knows how to sell even Cupid Cards Sucki tries to work with JJ but all they seem to do is bump heads So they both decide to do things their own way I also have to add that Suki has always wanted a dog After volunteering at a shelter and finding out some troubling news She decides that it s better...

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    I received this book from kidlitexchange to read in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own Cinnamon Bun Besties by Stacia Deutsch Best friends, mortal enemies, competition, puppies, Valentine s day, crushes, and middle graders learning life s hard lessons and becoming their own person all wrapped up in one neat little ...

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    The Valentine s Day fundraiser is right around the corner, where cards and candy will be sold and all profit goes towards a marvelous school dance, and Suki is bursting with anticipation That s why no one objects to Suki leading the fundraiser, much to her delight However, JJ Suki s competitor and ex best friend volunteers himself to be in charge of the fundraiser This causes both of them to be the leaders of the fundraiser, much to both of their disdains So, instead of working together they decide to turn it into a fierce competition between the two, the winner being whoever raises the most money.At home, however, Suki has an intense yearning for a dog, but her parents refuse to let her have one, out of fear that she isn t responsible enough While she is in the park one day with her friend, she spots a puppy, sparking an adoration of the creature and a determination to have it as her own Nevertheless, the puppy eludes Suki s attempts to be caught.Eventually Suki s worry for the puppy leads her to a shelter She soon discovers her love of the place, and becomes a volunteer, as well as learning of the shelter s financial difficulties This gives r...

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    kidlitexchange partner All opinions are my own This is the second book that I ve read from The Swirl Novels The covers for all are incredibly adorable and the stories are just as sweet This one centers around Suki and her friends as they prepare to sell Cupid Candy Cards as a Valentine s Day fundraiser This year she has been paired with her worst rival to coordinate the event The two definitely have different ideas, strategies and quickly find themselves competing on who can raise the most money A book full of long lost friendships, misunderstood drama, responsibility, the importance of teamwork and cute crushes There is also a storyline that follows Suki and her desire to be a dog owner I really enjoyed this part and I think many young readers will be able to relate to her feelings Suki s parents believe that she needs to show responsibility in order to care for a pet She s incredibly disheartened, especially when she falls for an adorable dog in the park Thi...

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    Thank you kidlitexchange partner for the advanced review copy of this book All opinions are my own 5 for Cinnamon Bun Besties by staciadeutsch_writes This book definitely has it allbesties, enemies, first crushes, competitions, teamwork, volunteering, responsibility, and yummy cinnamon drinks Suki is heading up the school s Valentine s Day card fundraiser and has been paired up with her former bestie, turned enemy, JJ They have been super competitive for the last few years and of course have two totally different ideas of how this fundraiser will go Suki also dreams of having a dog of her own and when she finds a sweet little dog in the park, who shares her love of Cinnamon Bun Swirls, she wants nothing than to catch the little dog and take her home, even though she knows her parents won t allow it She then begins volunteering at a local animal shelter and it quickly becomes her home away from home She learns though that the shelter is ...

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    kidlitexchange partnerThank you to the KidLitExchange network for the review copy of Cinnamon Bun Besties All opinions are my own.I am LOVING the Swirl Novels and I m so excited that I got to read Cinnamon Bun Besties 3 Cinnamon Bun Besties revolves around Suki She s heavily involved in the student council and last year their Valentine s Day fundraiser was the best it s ever been She s going to work to top that, but she gets partnered with JJ Suki and JJ used to be best friends, but now they are sworn enemies How are they going to work together on this project Outside of school, Suki s main mission is to convince her parents that she is responsible enough to get a dog After she meets Cinnamon Bun a stray dog that she names , she decides to volunteer at the local animal shelter, just in case Cinnamon Bun gets brought in She ends up spending a ton of time there and learns a lot of lessons The Valentine s Day fundraiser becomes a giant mess and Suki overhears that the shelter might close What is she going to do Can she do it alone This book, like the other Swirl Novels I ve read, was great The author had great character development and I found myself rooting for Suki to get things figured out I wanted her to crush her goal for the Valentine s Day fundraiser and I wanted her to be able to get that dog she loved so much We really got to see her grow up throughout the novel as she learns a lot of tough lessons.I would recommend this book to anyone ...

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