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What Matters Most Starting A New Life In A New City Is Never Easy, But Kelsey Peterson Is Managing She Owns Her Own Specialty Shop, She S Made Some New Friends, And She S Finally Feeling Like She S Ready To Put Down Some Roots In This Small Chicago Suburb She S Even Struck Up Some Regular Flirtatious Banter With That Sexy Blonde She Continually Runs Into At Starbucks But When Her Business And Personal Life Unexpectedly Collide, Kelsey S Confidence In Her Newfound Happiness Starts To Slip Through Her Fingers, And The Hardest Part Is Figuring Out What Matters Most

!!> EPUB ✻ What Matters Most  ✶ Author Georgia Beers – Realestatelawcenter.us
  • Paperback
  • 276 pages
  • What Matters Most
  • Georgia Beers
  • 16 March 2019
  • 0996677496

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    What can I say Georgia Beers drops a hot new book and I immediately read This author has me whipped.This story is interesting in that it certainly adheres to a model of lesbian romance, which I look forward to in this instance It s cozy, warm, and escapist enough for me to delve in for blissful hours On the other hand, there were story and pacing choices that pleasantly surprised me and I tip my invisible hat to you for that, Beers.For starters, there ...

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    What Matters Most is that I quit stalling and write my review I really enjoyed the characters and the story and put up with the annoying narration.until the 80% mark After that, the annoying narration was better than the characters or the story.Kelsey is a likable small business owner who decides to try an online dating service H...

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    Enjoyable and easy to read as always, Georgia Beers latest is a classic traditional romance with a sweet likeable heroine.Kelsey has moved city and started a new life away from family and her ex, opening her own business and making new friends When she meets a gorgeous woman in her local Starbucks there is an instant attraction that quickly leads toBut Kelsey s shop is soon under threat from an unexpec...

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    Solid Beers Nice romance Nice circle of characters All around solid read.

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    I really hate to give this a low rating because I love Georgia Beers But the storyline is really not for me.I don t know how to react without spoiling the book.Their start is cute but somewhere in the middle I was kinda pissed at Theresa and I also feel bad for Ke...

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    Another great story Wonderful and relatable characters, great dialog, nice romance, but knowing who the author is, this is no surprise.The only bad thing about finishing a Georgia Beers book is having to wait a few months for her next one.

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here The ending fell a bit flat for me, the falling out was dragged out way too much also i think if we d have had Theresa s pov this book would have been so much better, i really disliked Hannah, she was just a mega annoyin...

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    I, like so many others, am a huge fan of Georgia Beers I read em all This is my 15th book by Beers If you are looking for a bit of an escape over the weekend this book is perfect I enjoyed the characters, and the story It was a fast read, but overall a solid 4 st...

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    Well written and entertaining romance As usual, Ms Beers delivers a book that has romance, great characters, superb chemistry and hot scenes Just a little rushed at the end Overall, a very good read 4 stars

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    This has been an ok read It is an easy romance with not much amount of angs and drama It is pretty well paced, but there are some threads left unsolved, after appearing several times along the story However, I have enjoyed pretty much this book, as I usually do with the books of this author.

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