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The Swastika Killer A HINDU FANATIC A MANIC JEW OR A NEO NAZI2006, GERMANY, FIFA WORLD CUP.In Berlin, A Killer Begins Targeting The Most Dangerous Criminals And Brands His Victims With The Symbol Of The Swastika The Day Of Each Murder Coincides Mystically With The Navagrahas, The Days Sacred To The Nine Planetary Gods In Hindu Mythology And The Dates Correspond To Hidden Horrors Of The Historical Past.Only One Man Can Decipher And Look Beyond Symbols The Unassuming Bala, The Sharpest Sleuth In The Indian Intelligence Bureau.The Chase Of A Lifetime Begins 7 11, MUMBAI EXPLODESThree Friends Who Were Born And Grew Up In The City S Brothels, Thrown Apart By Riots, Are Brought Together By The Swastika.The Killer Takes Them Into The Streets Of Mumbai, To The Den Of Underworld Kings, Inside Prison Complexes, Terrorist Cells And The Snake Pit Called Bollywood.They Will Need Than Friendship, Love, And Luck To Survive.Is The Swastika Killer A Self Proclaimed Vigilante, Out To End Evil To Find Out, And Put An End To The Killings, Bala Will Have To Go To The Beginning The Past That Lies Hidden In The Streets Of Old Delhi.KILLING FIELDSThe Killer Moves Through Afghanistan And Pakistan To Target The World S Most Guarded Man It Will Change The Course Of Our History.Friendship Will Be Tested With Blood And Death.Can Bala Stop The Killer Can The Blood Thirsty Navagrahas Be Pacified

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    A friend recently purchased this book and showed it to me The title, the blurb and the fact that the author wrote the script for Manjhi The Mountain Man piqued my interest.Before I begin the review please allow me to speak a few words about the Swastika For thousands of years long before this sacred symbol had been usurped by Hitler the swastika has been one of the holiest symbols in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism as well In India, the swastika can be found in temples, business establishments, households, vehicles and always used in all Hindu religious functions In India, the swastika symbolizes auspiciousness.As the title suggests, the book is about a killer who uses Hindu mythology and dates related to Nazi atrocities to murder his victims He arranges his victim in a ritualistic pose and also leaves behind a Hindu swastika in the murder scene.The victims are not ordinary people they are, in fact, some of the most powerful and corrupt needless to say dangerous men.Is this the work of Hindu fanatic or is some conspiracy afoot Against the killer stands Bala the best agent in Intelligence Bureau India , and his prot g Maksud Bala is something of a super agent but he could not be differ...

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    The naked truth, the raw instinct, the real account of the dark side be it human history, politics or sociology The Swastika Killer is a real killer Jakhar nailed it The low key attitude of an IB Officer, the horrific Nazi History or the Diplomatic Strategies, no stone has been left unturned by Jakhar From Butcher of Banaras to this book. Jakhar has come a long way Foremost thing, the characters are very much real, not unnecessarily heroic Darkness could not be described by anyone other than Jakhar The raw description of the prostitution world, be it Western World or the East, shows how women are vulnerable when crisis arises It proves again that PROSTITUTION is the oldest and biggest business since human race arrived on the earth And the this market is never down It s raw, it s naked, it s creepy, but at the same time, as Mario Puzo said, It s not personal, it s business Same goes for the war economy, the HYPOCRISY of the western world, in fact HYPOCRISY has a universal approach Cannot be partial to our Indian Society and Political Scenario also The spiritual aspect, the inner dilemma of the protagonist, his razor sharp intellect, his past, his present , his approach of life, to righteousness i...

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    First of all, I really liked the authors first book butcher of banares The way he has depicted Kashi was interesting Writer has depicted old Delhi and Mumbai in similar style, particularly the red light area in G B road Delhi This shows , the author has done lot of research for this book Plot moves in good pace from one murder to another, though at times it seems loosing some tract, the book doesn t bore you Lots of real life incident and person are intertwined in the plot It shows the authors intelligence in using them the very best possible way to keep it interesting Though in the end one can guess the murderer, the writer has have kept the mystery covered with some simple detailing Use of simple languages and no grammatical gimmicks make this book easy to ready through Apart from the usual way of Indian writers depiction of Tamil Brahmins, you can t find ...

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    A very well researched and carefully crafted book Worth the length Keeps you engrossed Await from Jakhar

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    A good thriller Could have been shorter.

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    A serial killer is on the prowl and his killings have a strange method to their madness The day coincidences to signify sacrifice to the Navagrahas, as well as the date pointing to a grim event in Nazi history IB chief Bala with h...

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    What a thrilling bookgoosebumps a must read go for it u wouldn t regret very mature writing and vocabulary used is vast tv series should be made on it.

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    Very well researched book The plot is well woven around 4 protagonists and across three countries The book holds your attention till almost 70 75% of the story, thereafter the narrative appears confused Suddenly there are almost 4 5 chapters dedicated to the connection between Bilaal, Maksud and Tara It just makes you lose interest This part could have been included in the book in a subtle way at the start itself It would have definately added to the intrigue.The centre figure of this book is Bala But somehow you feel that the author has not given much thought to building up the character that is Bala He is suddenly respected across different intelligence agencies and the backdrop for the same is covered in like one paragraph narratives Compare that with the space and time given to Tara , Bilal and Maksud and it sure is a give away to any lover of mystery.The part where Michael gets involved with the three above is so hurriedly covered that it almost feels like an after thought.Frankly the book held me till 300 or so pages and then I was basically going through the motions to complete The flow was missing in the story.Finally I have a bone to pick with the author I want to know how and why in the entire scheme of things did the portrayal of abject poverty and filth in India add to the...

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    More like a 3.5 This is a good thriller which involved some major plots happening on the international scale The author was able to capture the reader s attention for the most part of the book and it was a well researched book w.r.t the depictions of some of the areas of Mumbai and New Delhi.The story is all about an intelligence officer of the Intelligence Bureau IB, India They deal with a mysterious serial killer who mischievously follows the officer and hi...

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    Undoubtedly an amazing book I just loved the way the author has put the story which is over many years and countries but it sticks altogether At 497 pages it might appear long but it is not Once you start reading you will be immersed in the story There are not many characters and the important ones have been given ample introduction and you can create a physical frame of them in your mind Locations have been explained beautifully Overall a racy ...

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