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História do Cerco de LisboaA Hist Ria Da Tomada De Lisboa Aos Mouros No Ano De 1147 E A Cr Nica De Um Inesperado Encontro Amoroso Na Lisboa De Hoje Duas Narrativas, Tecidas E Entretecidas De Maneira Brilhante, Que Fazem Deste Livro Uma Densa E Fascinante Medita O Sobre A Natureza E As Rela Es Entre A Fic O E A Hist Ria, O Vivido E O Narrado Um Dos Mestres Da Literatura Portuguesa Contempor Nea Pr Mio Nobel De Literatura Saramago Explora Neste Livro As Possibilidades Do Romance Enquanto Meio De Recriar O Passado E O Presente.

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    Jose Saramago may not somebody who relies so heavily on plot He utilizes stream of consciousness in The History of the Siege of Lisbon as a way to merge the history of the city s past with that of the protagonist living out his life in the modern day In the novel, conversations bear no quotations, no parentheses appear on added on ideas non sequiturs, nor are questions accompanied by a Whole paragraphs are pages long, it s safe to say that most of them contain a single action or noun which is then fully explored for the remainder of that paragraph each minutiae is meticulously explained and questions plenty of the hypothetical kind are added on to the subject in question Also a heavy use of commas and lists is a way of penetrating truths in a deeper way He s NOT MY KIND OF WRITER he asks way too much of his readers, one wonders what would happen if Saramago had SOMETHING going on, namely a STORY, if he added all the flourishes that make him unique THAT would truly grab me Here then for my CONSCIOUSNESS FICTION grad class an attempt at a Saramagian yarn Montage Lazaro has put on his contact lenses and is ready to get to work Some saline solution still drips down the sides of his bright,...

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    194 Hist ria do Cerco de Lisboa The history of the siege of Lisbon, Jos SaramagoThe History of the Siege of Lisbon is a novel by Portuguese author Jos Saramago, first published in 1989 Raimundo Silva, assigned to correct a book entitled The History of Siege of Lisbon by his publishing house, decides to alter...

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    Encontrei na escrita o cunho de Saramago, mas n o a superioridade habitual das personagens Escrito em dois planos temporais perfeitamente interligados, o livro reescreve a hist ria do cerco de Lisboa e, simultaneamente, d nos a conhecer as personagens atuais num enredo que mistura Hist ria e fic o.Sem grande for...

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    In the glowing light of the day and in the rosy spirit of the present calendar week romance in the air I am overwhelmed with positive emotions and declare my ever growing admiration and respect towards the great Portuguese writer Jos Saramago 1922 2010 and his golden legacy in terms of his well known controversial, challenging, and thought provoking novels I am completely and irrevocably absorbed into his works I am jumping like a mosquito from one book to another, in a very ambitious attempt to read as much as possible, but of course I am not able to because I feel I am not grasping as much as I need in this frenzy and hectic pace, so I take one step or even two back and start anew I think I even firmly established my aim when reading Jose Saramago which is to rediscover the importance and beauty of questioning to refresh my personal writing style to the level of being able to communicate verbally and in written using a vocabulary that is full of savor and rhythm, as if it were not something outside the language, but intrinsic This is a language like an uninterrupted flow, like a river, a large mass of water that slips heavy, shining, with fast forward rhythm, even if, occasionally, its course is interrupted by cataracts I have no fear whatsoever although pragmatically I fear water because of lack of swimming skills to get immersed fully in this best prose in my mind s eyes and to disappe...

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    It has always struck me that history is not real life, literature, yes, and nothing else The History of the Siege of Lisbon is a spread and ironic contemplation on the theme of credibility of history as science Indeed, it is enough to change, delete or add a single word in some historical manuscript and the entire described event will be seen in the different light or will turn into its own opposite And how often, copying original texts in their scriptoriums, did monastic scribes change them to their own liking or adjust them according to the current beliefs and religious fashions Certain authors, perhaps out of conviction or an attitude of mind not much given to patient investigation, hate having to acknowledge that the relationship between what we call cause and what we subsequently describe as the effect is not always linear and explicit They allege, and with some justification, that ever since the world began, although we may have no way of knowing when it began, there has never been an...

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    Mais uma vez, acabo um livro de Saramago com uma sensa o quente no peito, e a vontade de ignorar a minha lista de livros a ler e ir imediatamente comprar outro livro do Nobel portugu s Hist ria do Cerco de Lisboa conta a hist ria de Raimundo Silva, um revisor liter rio, que Saramago descreve como solit rio, simples Como revisor, Raimundo limita se a corrigir os erros de autores, sem qualquer liberdade art stica, dado que o campe o da realidade num mar de inconsistentes obras liter rias.At que um dia Raimundo, homem de costumes e rotinas, ao rever um livro acad mico sobre o cerco levado a cabo por D Afonso Henriques contra a cidade mourisca de Lisboa, decide mudar a Hist ria ao escrever que os cruzados estrangeiros N o aceitaram ajudar na conquista da cidade.Este seu desvaneio tem como consequ ncia a contrata o de Maria Sara, a sua nova supervisora.Se tivesse de dar um moral a este livro seria carpe diem se Raimundo n o agisse por impulso, se n o tivesse escrito um n o , n o conheceria Maria Sara Esta n o o desafiaria a escrever a hist ria do falso cerco, e ele n o descobriria que em si existe mais do que ele Vive agora em dois mundos, o da Lisboa mourisca do s culo XII e a Lisboa presente, reflexos pouco n tidos uma da outra no presente, Raimundo sente se confuso ...

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    While typing up my brief review of One Hundred Years of Solitude, i was reminded of this book, one of my favorites of all time, because like Gabriel Garc a M rquez s book, this was beautifully written as well as an awe inspiring translation effort.For 15 years i was an editor of reference books It shouldn t be a surprise, then, that a professional proofreader protagonist narrator immediately compelled me and held my attention The idiosyncratically minimalist punctuation and the pages long comma spliced sentences were so unbelievably perfect for me as a reader and for this story that i couldn t put it down despite the difficulties they presented for comprehension Saramago was forcing me to read carefully than when i was attempting to consume the entire sc...

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