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Building a New American StateThis Book Is About Governmental Change In America It Examines The Reconstruction Of Institutional Power Relationships That Had To Be Negotiated Among The Courts, The Parties, The President, The Congress And The States In Order To Accommodate The Expansion Of National Administrative Capacities Around The Turn Of The Twentieth Century Stephen Skowronek Argues That New Institutional Forms And Procedures Do Not Arise Reflexively Or Automatically In Response To Environmental Demands On Government, But Must Be Extorted Through Political And Institutional Struggles That Are Rooted In And Mediated By Pre Established Governing Arrangements As The First Full Scale Historical Treatment Of The Development Of American National Administration, This Book Will Provide A Useful Textbook For Public Administration Courses.

[Ebook] Building a New American State By Stephen Skowronek – Realestatelawcenter.us
  • Paperback
  • 400 pages
  • Building a New American State
  • Stephen Skowronek
  • English
  • 10 March 2018
  • 9780521288651

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    So many of the institutions we take for granted today from the Reserves and National Guard, to the federal civil service, to credentialed professions like doctors and lawyers came into being in the decades around 1900 We treat these things as facts of life, as inevitable solutions to straightforward problems, but they have a history And as Skowronek shows, that history was in large part one of political conflict.Take the military After the crash demilitarization following the Civil War from over a million men in the Union Army at the end of the war to 25,000 less than a decade later, an amazing story in itself there followed a multi cornered struggle between the state governments that saw state militias as a valuable source of patronage and prestige the line officers, mainly engaged in the violent suppression of the Indians and the reformist staff officers in DC, who dreamed of a professional military on European lines The by no means predetermined outcome was the hybrid system of a professional federal military with significant state based components the National Guard that persisted through two world wars and s...

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    Despite opening with 50 pages of impenetrable poli sci nonsense, the vast majority of this book is taken up with an insightful and detailed look at early 20th century statecraft It focuses on three representative areas of the federal government that underwent massive reform in this era the Civil Service Commission, the Army Bureaucracy, and the Interstate Commerce Commission.The sections on the ICC are the most interesting This book shows that the law creating the nation s first regulatory commission passed in 1887 was actually an intentionally obfuscating hodgepodge most of it hammered out in a conference committee that almost ensured the courts would keep the commission powerless In 1910, though, the Mann Elkins Act created a second, special Commerce Court to review ICC cases and President Taft appointed Martin Knapp, an ex ICC commissioner, to chair it Instead of expanding the power of the commission, however, the Commerce Court became another roadblock just as the Supreme Court was warming up to the ICC s increased powers...

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    Not the best read, and many of the details are off, but an interesting way to conceive of American political development His thoughts on the Reagan Revolution strike me as naive.

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    Good A lot of it was over my head.

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    loved this book extremely important work of historical institutionalism.

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