➿ Borka: The Adventures of a Goose with no Feathers Free ➶ Author John Burningham – Realestatelawcenter.us

Borka: The Adventures of a Goose with no FeathersHonk If You Love Borka Burningham S Classic First Picture Book Borka The Adventures Of A Goose With No FeathersOnce Upon A Time There Were Two Geese Called Mr And Mrs PlumpsterEach Spring They Returned To The Marshes Of Their Ancestors, And Mrs Plumpster Laid Her Eggs Soon Six Fine Young Plumpsters Hatched Archie, Freda, Jennifer, Oswald, Timothy And Borka But Borka Was Different Borka Had No Feathers And Could Not Fly When Winter Came, The Other Geese Flew Off In Search Of Warmer Climates, Leaving Borka All Alone But His Adventure Was Only Just Beginning.

➿ Borka: The Adventures of a Goose with no Feathers Free ➶ Author John Burningham – Realestatelawcenter.us
  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Borka: The Adventures of a Goose with no Feathers
  • John Burningham
  • English
  • 15 July 2019
  • 9781856811729

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    Once upon a time there were two geese called Mr and Mrs Plumpster Each Spring they returned to the marshes of their ancestors, and Mrs Plumpster laid her eggs Soon six fine young Plumpsters hatched Archie, Freda, Jennifer, Oswald, Timothy and Borka But Borka was different Borka had no feathers and could not fly The doctor goose was called and all he could say was, A most unusual case Mrs Plumpster therefore decided to knit Borka something to keep her warm and as she could not knit feathers, she knitted her a grey woollen jersey, making it look as much like feathers as she was able The other geese laughed at Borka and she went into a patch of tall reeds and cried.When winter came the other geese flew off in search of warmer climes, leaving Borka all alone She was bewildered and when it began to rain she did not know what to do Espying some boats, she decided to go aboard one with no lights on it so that she could keep warm and dry for the night.As she walked up the gangplank a dog barked and rushed up Seeing it was only a goose, the dog was friendly and introduced himself as Fowler Borka explained that she only wanted to stay the night and Fowler took her into the hold...

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    Borka, one of six new goslings in the Plumpster gaggle, has a particularly lovely knitted jumper The geese around her don t seem to appreciate as much as she does though This is a tale of a young goose discovering that she is somewhat different from her brothers and sisters, her friends and even her parents Her differences stop her from joining in and force her to find new and different forms of travelling In finding different and untrodden routes, however, Borka also discovers friendship, meaning, self worth and a home where she is able to be herself Things we all hope for This is a beautifully illustrated story, reminding the reader never to take for granted that any two beings are the same We all make our own tracks and find our own roads Being particularly wordy in comparison to other Burningham works, I would suggest Borka is a KS1 text, great to for starting discussions on differences, friendships, societal norms, home, habitat and journeys If I could, I w...

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    There can never be too many books about being different and finding a place to fit in.

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    I am a big fan of John Burningham as much for the illustrations as for the story itself He has a great sensible imagination like knitting feathers for Borka which always makes me smile Borka is a gosling that is born without feathers unlike his siblings He cannot learn to fly and cannot emmigrate when it gets cold But his mum knits him a top to keep warm When his siblings fly off he is taken to Kew Gardens with all the other birds and this beco...

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    I have no idea how this came across my path, but I put it on hold Read it to V It s cute Not earth shattering Felt like older storytelling, then noticed it s the 55th edition So, yeah I liked the pictures.

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    Charming, somewhat poignant, story of a featherless goose who finally finds a home where he is accepted and welcomed 55th Anniversary edition.

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    So glad they issued a 55th anniversary edition of this lovely book that was part of Dreamers.Lovely

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    Die Bilder erinnern an expressionistische Gem lde

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    I liked how in this book the duck left those who were unkind to her and never looked back They the mean ones never enter her story again.

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    Love John Burningham stories lovely story about a goose being the odd one out, but ends happily ever after

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