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Women of the Word Many Christian Women Find Great Encouragement And Joy In And Through Women S Bible Studies However, Popular Bible Teacher Jen Wilkin Is Concerned That Sometimes We Let Our Emotions Rule Our Study Of Scripture And Forget That The Bible Is Primarily About God, Not Us Challenging Hungry Women To Go Deeper In Their Study Of Scripture, This Book Will Help You Refocus Your Efforts On Feeding Your Mind First And Foremost Whether You Re Young Or Old, Married Or Single, This Accessible Volume Will Energize And Equip You For Bible Study Aimed At Transforming Both The Heart And Mind.

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    The principle that this book argues for is by all means important and I cannot agree with the author Become a woman of the Word Jen Wilkin does a wonderful job in explaining why is it important extremely important to study the Word of God faithfully I would give this book 5 stars from pages 1 108 On the next pages p.109 145 , the author proposes a method to study the Scriptures and because of these pages I dropped the rating down to 4 stars Her method is good and in depth, but I am afraid about all the discouragement that it may bring to all the women out there especially to those with little ones, or full time jobs trying to get into the Word As my pastor says, we need to always be able to discern the principle from the methods I would encourage you to read attentively chapters...

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    2014 is proving to be a good year for newly published Christian women s books, a genre whose weaknesses and shallowness I and many others have oft lamented.Without even using the word hermeneutics, this book is a guide to exactly that But no worries, lovers of and trained students in hermeneutics, the author still pulls out and articulately teaches words and concepts such as metanarrative, exegesis, and Bible literacy Women of the Word How to Study the Bible with Both Our Hearts and Our Minds is a clarion call to today s Christian women to lay aside poor Bible study habits and to dig deeply into patient, purposeful intake of the full scope of Scripture, examining God s Word word by word, and within context of The Big Story Just like our culture is currently learning that this the case with food, the processed your Bible study is, the less healthy it is for you.Jen Wilkin encourages women to put the ruffles in the back, you ll have to read the book to learn the specific meaning of this one , to put away flaky bible study, and to realize that simply doing devotions or a spending time in the Word a...

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    What a wonderful tool for learning how to best study the Word of God This is one of the most helpful guides I ve come across in my many years as a student of the Bible Highly recommended.

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    Overall, this book was just okay It has fairly sound teaching, and I can appreciate Wilkin s desire to motivate women to really know their Bibles.However, her tone throughout the first half of the book read to me like, I used to be a terrible Christian who didn t know anything, either But I have now arrived, and if you just do exactly what I do, you can become an awesome Christian, too Her tone does improve in the second half a bit The book was really dry I finally started skimming in the last few chapters which I hardly ever do , because I just wanted it to end already Her version of studying the Bible is essentially the induction method Rather than reading an entire book on it, one could save a lot of time and energy by doing a quick Google search to discover the key attributes of such a study This book is about 150 pages, but it could have been greatly condensed The bulk of examples anecdotes were about herself and her family I would have personally preferred reading stories from multiple women in various life stages.The I read, the I wondered if perhaps Wilkin is an ENFP ESFP on the Myers Briggs scale I m an ISTJ, and so it would make sense that the concepts she spoke of being breakthrough type moments only made me go, Well, duh She writes as if what she struggled to grasp is the same thing that every woman struggles with The truth is, we all come to our Bibles with vastly different perso...

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    An accessible hermeneutic for ladies and seriouslyjust anybody.

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    This book was amazing I loved the content and the way it was written It had a lot of helpful tips about how to study the Bible and I can definitely see myself rereading it in the future It was a very easy read, and yet it had a lot of depth I highly recommend this book.

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    Women of the Word is an excellent resource for learning a process for Bible literacy Would be helpful to walk through with someone in a discipleship relationship who would like to learn to study the Bible for themselves.

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    I am tempted to reduce my rating for this book based on some of the critiques I ve heard read from friends and other reviewers I certainly see some of the weak spots in this book, and agree about its flaws, but I feel like a lot depends on what you re hoping for this book to accomplish For me, it did exactly what I needed it to 1 It ignited a much greater interest in Bible literacy This is something I ve found it easy to overlook or take for granted I have read the Bible and attended church for than 20 years, so I can assume that Bible literacy will simply come to me through Sunday morning preaching which is vital don t get me wrong and daily quiet times But this book highlights the importance of studying the Bible with intention and depth I want to know the Bible for myself, and be able to share it with others I think this book could ignite a similar passion among other women.2 It helped me realise that I can understand the Bible for myself This may sound like a strangely obvious statement, but I found Wilkins s encouragement to only bring in commentary and other resources after an initial in depth study for yourself, really eye opening for me I have felt that because I have no formal Bible training, I must rely primarily on the teaching of others in order to understand a text, so it was refreshing to be encouraged that God reveals Himself in His Word when any of us are faithful to study it That isn t to say my interpretations ar...

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    This book was so helpful I can t wait to dig into my Bible study tomorrow morning using the things I learned from this book

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    I can t tell you how incredible, insightful and especially convicting this book has been I ve always been one to love reading, no matter what it is, but need help when it comes to actually studying the Bible This had so much insight, tips examples on how to mak...

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