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Strings of the Heart (Runaway Train, #3) Twenty Year Old, Allison Slater Has Been In Love With Her Brother S Bandmate, Rhys McGowan, Since She Was Fifteen Years Old But To Him, She Ll Always Be Jake S Little Sister And Off Limits Now A College Sopho And Licking Her Wounds From A Bad Breakup, She Sets Her Sights On Making Rhys See Her As Someone He Could Date Maybe Even Love Her Opportunity Comes When Rhys Visits His Parents In Savannah Where She Is Attending College But The Night She S Dreamed Of Turns To Heart Break, And She Realizes She Ll Never Be The One For Rhys.For Rhys McGowan, His Nightmare Began When He Woke Up, Naked And Hung Over, Next To His Bandmate S Little Sister Unable To Remember A Thing From The Previous Night, He Only Makes Matters Worse By Lying To Allison About Not Being Interested In Her The Truth Is He S Spent The Last Year To Ignore His Body S Reaction Whenever Allison Is Around His Resolve Is Tested When Allison Comes On Tour With Runaway Train, As Both Jake And Abby S Nanny And To Fulfill Her Fashion Design Internship The Time He Spends With Her In The Close Quarters Of The Bus, The Harder It Is For Him To Resist.Will Rhys Realize That Having A Relationship With Allison Is Worth Fighting For Even If It Means That He Has To Fight His Best Friend For A Chance

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    TWO POINT SEVEN FIVE STARSStrings of the Heart is the third book in the Runaway Train series The band is on the road and Allison, a band member s younger sister, is with them as a nanny and working on her college internship Her long time crush on Rhys, a band member who is 7 years older than her, is very evident Allison makes her feelings for Rhys plain as day but because of his past he won t allow himself to reciprocate those feelings Rhys goes from being kind and caring to a complete jerk just to make sure Allison keeps her distance Rhys spent a good portion of the book denying his feelings and not until he becomes jealous is he forced to confront his feelings towards Allison Unfortunately, by the time Rhys comes to terms with his feelings I wasn t rooting for them to be a couple I had hope Allison would give the new guy a chance but the heart wants what the heart wants Anyway, on to the cover, I love this cover...

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    3.5 Draining as Hell StarsI liked this book for the most part but I felt like it sucked the life right out of me half the time Watching Rhys push Allison away over and over, trying to convince the both of them that it s for her own good really started to work ...

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    I really hope this book is about Jake s half sister Allison and Rhys

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    2.5 stars I was anticipating this book because out of all the band members I couldn t wait for Rhys story It totally guts me that I to give this two stars Rhys character really disappointed me and I thought Allison was a bit of pushover, she accepted too much crap from him, and that was when the stars started falling for me Personally I would have loved to see happening with Rhys family with regards to stuff getting resolved for him and his sister Instead this book was wasted on the following 1 Too much time spent in the past and not the present The three weeks in Savannah was gone into in such detail and the time in the present was rushed, especially when it came to Rhys discovering how he truly felt And don t even get me started on that issue After all the begging and pleading to come to his senses from a girl he was supposedly in love with, he didn t take her advice no but rather took advice from a five minute conversation with some random stripper.2 The stupid back and forth dance when we finally got out of the past recollections which was around 52% btw and then this back forth emotional dance that Rhys did lasted till about 80% into the book that s when the stripper came in 3 I thought Jake ridiculously overprotective to the point of stupidity where his behaviour seemed irrational You would swear Allison was a five year old with the way he acted instead of twenty one Helll she had mature bones in her body than he did Come to think...

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    Rhys and Allison Tell me so, please

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    I received an ARC from the author s assistant street team in exchange for an honest review Thank you Strings of the Heart tells the story of Allie and Rhys Allie has been in love with Rhys since she was 13 but he has only seen her as his best friend bandmate s kid sister.This all changes when she turns 16 and the two share their first kiss which causes Allie to reaffirm her belief that Rhys is the man for her and Rhys to finally begin to notice Allie but not take action on it due to her young age and naivety.Years later, after after a failed relationship, Allie is an aspiring fashion designer and takes on a baby sitting gig for brother, Jake, and his wife, Abby, while also working an internship with the band s stylist.She once again encounters Rhys and the two grow closer and end up drunkenly having an one night stand.Allie thinks this has finally sealed the deal with her and Rhys onlyit leaves to her mere heartbreak.Licking her wounds and battling Rhys rejection, will she have what it takes to strum the strings of his jaded heart and fulfill her dreams of working in the fashion world And Rhys Will he let go of own wounds and risk his own longtime relationship with one of the only real family he s ever had and give into the undeniable chemistry with the girl who gives him everything Read and you will find out My thoughts A decent read, my main problems...

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    Just 3 for a book i wanted to love I am very sad I love Runaway Train and like any other fan i was waiting for Strings of the Heart I already met Jake and AJ I must say those guys are Absolutely adorable and Hot Their stories were full of drama and love I expected that from Strings of the heart. I wanted Rhys to be my next book boyfriend At...

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    I m so excited for this I loved Jake s book LOVED IT Jake was just sigh so amazing And I loved A.J too, but we didn t hear much from Rhys and I thought he was such a cool character when we did hear from him that I can t wait for this book He better get someone special, or I will be VERY upset After Music of the Soul Let me just say, Rhys is hilarious, and a great character view spoiler But Jake, why wouldn t he send one of his married friends to comfort his sister NOOO SEND THE SINGLE ONE Oh my...

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    4.5 Say Something Stars Rhys is the bassist for Runaway Train, the last single man left on the bus the final one to fall One night four years ago he felt a jolt, a shot straight through his heart, a completely foreign feeling that man like Rhys couldn t define Growing up in high society in the south, attending law school and finally chasing his dream to become a rock star ensured that Rhys was never going to live up to his parent s expectations But in reality, no one really could Never knowing the real meaning of family or feeling loved until he found his brothers, Rhys can t accept the new feelings he s discovered for the girl that he knows is off limits.Allison fell in love with the boy that saved her all those years ago, the only problem was that she was just thirteen and he was one of her brother s best friends When she turned sixteen she wanted one thing, a simple kiss A kiss with a man that her young heart had grown to love With that kiss, Allison knew that no matter where life took them, eventually things would align and Rhys would finally see her for than just the kid sister of Jake Slater, she would one day be than Allie Bean When Allison finds herself away at college and homesick, Rhys stops in while home from touring to check in on her But soon, his checking in has less to do with Jake s request and to do with the feelings that she evokes in him For a few weeks they spend their days and nights together growing closer until it all comes t...

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