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Look Inside the Time of Jesus Keep Enquiring Young Minds Busy With These Detailed Depictions Of Bible History, And A Glimpse Behind The Scenes With Flaps To Lift On Every Page Brief Text Explains The Setting, And References Events And Stories From Jesus Life The Book Covers The First Christmas, Illustrations Of A Synagogue And Carpenter S Workshop In Nazareth, Fishing In Capernaum, Farming And Shepherding In The Hills Of Galilee, Homes Of The Wealthy And Everyday People, The Temple In Jerusalem, The Way Of The Cross And The First Easter.

[Epub] ↠ Look Inside the Time of Jesus  Author Lois Rock – Realestatelawcenter.us
  • Hardcover
  • 8 pages
  • Look Inside the Time of Jesus
  • Lois Rock
  • 03 June 2019
  • 9780745963983

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    Nice book for preschool kids On life in Israel in the time Jesus lived It also follows Jesus life, from birth to resurrection.

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    Lots of brief facts and illustrations My 4 year old loves it.

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    What a wonderful idea A book for little ones to learn not only about Jesus, but also what life was like in the times he lived in I feel it will help them connect Jesus was a real person that lived on earth The book is super sturdy very important and can be wiped clean.The illustrations were colorful, bright, and well done I especially liked how detailed they were There was a lot to look at I remember as a child how intensely I looked at the pictures, noting every tiny detail that I am sure the grownups missed The book covers 8 parts of the Lord s life from birth to resurrection The author did a wonderful job getting the information across but keeping it simple Each section is covered in 2 pages There is a short paragraph explaining the location and event in Jesus s life Additional captions are scattered throughout the pages giving information and further e...

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    My Review The time of Jesus is a lift the flap discovery book that gives a brief explanation of Jesus journey from His birth to His death and resurrection The story starts off in Bethlehem as Mary and Joseph arrival in the town looking for shelter Jesus early days at home in Nazareth going to the Synagogue and how He became a preacher and choose His disciples to help him spread the message of God s love and forgiveness Jesus sometimes got invited to the homes of the rich who were intrigued by His preaching, one such person was Zacchaeus, the tax collector Another important story in the book was the most important festival of the Jewish faith known as the Passover The pictures show the people selling and buying at the temple in Jerusalem At the Roman trial, religious leaders did not like Jesus or his preaching so they decided to plot His death, by having Him arrested and sentence to deat...

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    This is a colorful and informative Bible storybook that also tells interesting facts about the time of Jesus Every couple of pages has a paragraph that summarizes a Bible story It starts with the birth of Jesus and shares some of what his childhood would have been like, his preaching, visiting Zacchaeus, His trial, crucifixion, and the empty tomb There are many flaps to open on each page with names given to items, explanations of what people are doing, and descriptions of the culture such as what a meal would have been like or what was happening at the temple.The pages are a durable board material instead of thin paper and I think this would be a good book for toddlers to around age 7 There are a few harder words so I m not sure if it would be ideal for beginning readers I also thought a comment that Jesus was angry that a poor widow felt obliged to give an offering seemed wrong I remember from the Bible that Jesus pointed out in admiration that ...

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    This is a large, sturdy board book and each spread of pages has several lift the flaps designed in a variety of sizes that offer engaging educational opportunities for the child Even though it is a board book, it will be valuable and enjoyable for young readers as well as non readers Parents can use this as an invaluable teaching tool But most of all, it is a very pleasant and lovely book for the child The child is the important key word here Engage the child Educate the child Help the child to learn of Jesus This book will successfully do just that.Look Inside the Time of Jesus is spot on accurate not an archeological dig type of book, though to Bible times and Bible events Each picture is replete with details that the child can engage in seek n find activities as well as the lift the flaps I like that the...

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    This is a great book My children always enjoyed lift a flap books and we would read them over and over again My children are now grown, but my grand daughter is no different This particular book covers the life of Jesus from birth to ministry to crucifixion to resurrection The short and simple descriptions give opportunity for further discussion about the life of Jesus The illustrations are colorful and very nicely done Although the target age of this book seems to be K5 and older, you can easily adapt to a younger children The book is only 16 pages long, but each page is detailed enough that you could treat each page as an individual book and spread the reading out over several days or for bedtime stories It is also a hard copy book and the pages are thick cardboard type material I highly recommend this book as a staple to your library for your children It is very good rev P.Howard DISCLOSURE A complimentary copy was provided by Krege...

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    When I was young, I loved books such as this Look Inside time of Jesus book Just like the I Spy books of my childhood, this hardcover book is filled with detailed, colorful illustrations The detailed pictures encourage children to spend minutes on each page, taking in all the action of every scene For younger children, this book would easily allow for the game I Spy For older children, it s still a great vivid picture of life in New Testament times A lover of history and accurate representations of it, I admit to expecting this book to be displeasing On the contrary, the illustrations are done in a style honoring ancient times and the Bible Although the characters are simply illustrations, as you can see from the cover the garb is historically accurate and the village life is depicted accurately and pleasantly I do recommend this book for the young people in your life It will make a great gift this Christmas I received this book from the publi...

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    The Time Of Jesus lift a flap discovery book is just what it says It will allow children to discover many different stories surrounding Jesus A visual journey that takes young readers from a stable in Bethlehem to the shores of Galilee and many places in between Each story is two pages, with a paragraph in the top left hand corner to describe a little about the story that unfolds on the two opened pages While the stories are great it s the lift up flaps that lend a richness to those stories This sturdy little book will certainly capture a child s imagination as they discover what lies behind each flap as they are transported into the world that Jesus knew The construction of this book seems quite sturdy, and the lift up flaps fit securely back in place so the book continues to look neat after numerous readings Overall this book would make a great addition to any youngsters library, but I think it would also be neat to use in Sunday school, or homeschool settin...

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    What a great book to add to your children s collection, and their spiritual education The book is well illustrated and has very bright colors Added to each page along with the story are little flip ups, a surprise with each of the individual pictures The story begins with the Stable in Bethlehem, at home in Nazareth, and as you read to your child they can open the flap at who is in the carpenter s workshop As we follow further into Jesus s life we are by the shore of Lake Galilee, open one of the doors Fishermen sell their catch, splish splash Then we have a rich man s feast, and we can open the shutters.Traveling further along in the book are A Roman Trial, and A Garden Tomb The book is made out of very sturdy cardboard, and you can spend a long and great time together getting to learn about the life of Jesus, and shows the world that Jesus knew.Found this to be an adorable activity to spend with my child, along with being educational.I receive...

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