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Heartman Bristol, 1965 Joseph Tremaine JT Ellington, An Ex Cop With A Tragic Past And A Broken Heart, Has Left His Native Barbados In Search Of A Better Life In The Mother Country But Bristol In The Sixties Is Far From The Promised Land And JT Faces Hostility From Both The Weather And The People.Then Local Mogul Earl Linney Approaches Him He Needs JT S Help Finding Stella Hopkins, A Young Deaf And Mute West Indian Woman Who Has Gone Missing, And Who The Police Aren T Interested In Searching For With Rent Due, And No Job, JT Has Little Option Than To Accept.Calling On His Wits And Not So Honest Cousin Vic For Help, JT Soon Finds Himself Adrift In A Murky World Of Prostitution And Kidnapping Where Every Lead Reveals Mystery And Nobody Can Be Trusted What Is Linney S Connection To The Girl Have Women Gone Missing And What Exactly Is The Erotica Negro Club Facing Hostility And Prejudice As Well As The Demons From Home He Thought He D Escaped, JT Must Unravel A Deadly Conspiracy In A Dangerous And Unfamiliar World.

[ BOOKS ] ✬ Heartman  Author M.P. Wright – Realestatelawcenter.us
  • Paperback
  • 380 pages
  • Heartman
  • M.P. Wright
  • English
  • 03 April 2018
  • 9781845027759

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    Heartman is the first in the series following ex copper Joseph Tremaine Ellington.Joseph has had a lot of heart ache in his life Having had to leave the country which has been his home for many years, he finds himself in Bristol, jobless and on the verge of being made homeless.Doing some private investigating is not something that Joseph really wants to do but having no money he has little choice As Joseph delves into the disappearance of Stella, the whole story starts to get a whole lot darker It s obvious that certain people would rather he didn t stick his nose into certain matters and the people that talk to Joseph seem to have a habit of turning up dead.Heartman is a novel that gently drew me into it and before to long I found myself hooked Joseph is a great character Not only does he have to live with a personal loss, he also has to live in a world where prejudices were unfortunately a very common occurrenc...

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    This is a terrific debut novel from Mark Wright a local author to me, who came to my attention through a book event at Leicester Central Library I had intended to read it before meeting him on 02.10.2014 but had only read up to Chapter 21 The author s personal story and commitment to his writing, along with the quality of the early chapters led me to want to finish the book as soon as possible and submit a review.Location can be a character in a book and I was facinated to learn that he had originally intended to set his story in Leicester However, this didn t quite fit and the chosen setting is Bristol during the mid 60 s The protagonist is newly arrived in Great Britain from the eastern Caribbean nation of Barbados He has family in Bristol but has left a heap of trouble behind him, including dishonourable discharge from the police force he served for 15 years and the loss of his wife and daughter.His troubles go from bad to worse jobless, pennyless and threatened with homelessness he is approached by a local politician to help find a missing young woman Joseph Ellington, JT within his community and to his friends, accepts the assignment and the book is about those enquiries and his re adjustment as a perso...

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    Review to follow

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    Heartman is a new take on a tried and trusted formula and it is well done Joseph JT Ellington is down on his luck having lost the job he got when he immigrated to the UK from Barbados He is drowning his sorrows in the pub when he is approached by Earl Linney, Alderman and businessman, with cash and a proposal Linney will pay JT well to find Stella Hopkins, a young, black deaf mute who disappeared a few weeks before JT takes the offer and soon finds he has bitten off than he could imagine.JT is, in outline, your typical outsider detective, in this case literally as he is a foreigner, with a tragic past, a fondness for the drink and a dogged determination to see the job through but he has a strong support network of family and friends which lends a warmth to the novel that many others don t have You also get a strong sense of his Afro Caribbean heritage which I like as I m always interested in ways of life I don t know about The other characters in his circle are equally well drawn and add to the warmth and sense of community in the novel.The plot is, as I ve said, nothing we haven t seen before the unholy alliance between the pampered rich and unscrupulous criminals It is violent and stomach churning at points but true to the time setting I m reminded of the Kray Twins casual violence The endin...

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    A really enjoyable debut from MP Wright It is fresh and has a distinctive setting, namely 1960s Bristol during a bitter winter The story s hero is JT Ellington, fresh from Barbados, where he was a police sergeant He left the island in tragic circumstances, his wife and daughter having perished after he took on corrupt cops and a drug boss.In Bristol, he is down on his luck, when a wealthy alderman, and Jamaican, asks him to trace a missing young woman he cares for JT embarks on a perilous search that takes him into privileged circles, where sexual depravity rides hand in hand with corruption.It s a terrific premise, and seeing JT trying to make progress in a world where racism is legal and widespread is engrossing The narrative hits the occasional bum note of historical dubiousness, but ...

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    J T Ellington a ex cop and a tragic past hangs heavy on his heart has left Barbados with the promise for a better life in 60 s Bristol with no work and hostilities from the locals.Local shady businessman earl Linney approaches JT when is skint and persuades him to do a job for him to look in to the disappearance of a young west indian disadvantaged Stella Hopkins who is deaf mute on the quiet and has to battle the corrupt police and seedy underworld of prostitution kidnappings to get to the truth and find out what the clandestine erotica negro club has to do with the disappearance of Stella and why is earl throwing lots of money at JT to get to the truth.TERRIFIC debut novel by mark wright set in a harsh winter where racism is ...

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    Excellent book gripping, bloody I have a new hero JT Ellington Enquiry Agent If you like a Chandler like thriller with blood and guts, loyalty and family, drama and tragedy set in the 60s with excellent characters get this book

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    Thoroughly enjoyed this dark, deep novel with some interesting characters Looking forward to books.

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    Wow Too emotional to write a review at present

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    Really enjoyed this Found out about this local to me author M P Wright when one of the bar staff at our local Social Club said that the beer I had ordered was named after the third book in this trilogy, which had only been out for a day or two I ordered all 3 books and have just finished the first, Heartman The very occasional query of details, grammar or apparently missed out words in the type setting, but overall an enthralling,...

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