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All About You (Love & Hate, #1) New Adult Romance, Full Length Novel 83,000 Words I Start Hating Oliver Just After His Older Brother Christian S Death I Drag Him Down A Road Of Humiliation And Pain To Try To Cope With What His Brother Did To Me.A Few Months After Christian S Passing, Oliver Leaves Town, And For The Next Two Years, He Is Absent From My Life The Demons Claw Their Way Back In, And I Must Learn To Live With The Secret That Has Destroyed Me.Now I M Starting A New Life, Away From Gargle And Away From My Past, But Everything Crashes When I See Oliver The First Day At University It S Clear That Many Things Have Changed Since We Ve Been Apart Now He Is Captain Of The Rugby Team And The Most Popular Bloke On Campus.Then He Makes A Bet And Gives Me An Ultimatum I Leave Braxton Forever And Start Somewhere Else, Or I Stay And Play His Game Because He S Never Forgotten That It Was Me Who Ruined His Life Two Years Ago Less

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    FREE on US today 2 27 2016 Ooooh this might be right up my alley.Book 1 of 2 Duet complete.BLURB I start hating Oliver just after his older brother Christian s death I drag him down a road of humiliation and pain to try to cope with what his brother did to me A few months after Christian s passing, Oliver leaves town, and for the next two years, he is absent from my life The demons claw their way back in, and I must learn to live with the secret that has destroyed me Now I m starting a new life, away from Gargle and away from my past, but everything crashes when I see Oliver the first day at university It s clear that many things have changed since we ve been apart Now he is captain of the rugby team and the most popular bloke on campus Then he makes a bet and gives me an ultimatum I leave Braxton forever and start somewhere else, or I stay and play his game because he s never forgotten that it was me who ruined his life two ye...

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    I knew it, I knew it, I knew it I am so mad that I don t even want to know what happens in the second book

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    I have no clue how this book is getting four and five stars No clue This woman can not write for shit and there was so many mistakes, I was a little embarrassed for the author It felt like a seven year old had wrote it No wait, that feels like an insult to my seven year old daughter, she could probably write better than that.Normally I would feel bad while writing a bad review but not with this one I feel like the author must have been paying people for ratings or she has fifty goodread...

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    I loved the twists and turns and the characters and just sigh This book but holy fuck is their a cliffhanger I thought it was coming, then thought nah. then yeah. then nah then Joanna did it and it finished GAH luckily the next is out now

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    3.5 stars I hate parts, serials, episodes, installments or whatever you prefer to call them It s hard enough waiting for the next book in a trilogy or series, but at least those are WHOLE novels to get you through the year With that said, I still couldn t wait to read this because of the tantalizing synopsis knowing I would most likely be displeased due to the page length of this Part I book I was right It didn t get anyways Left you hanging to wait for the next part not knowing if there is going to be a next part even though the author may say so or guarantee life happens Shit happens It s happened before to other serials out there where an author says every 2 weeks and then Nada So I m stuck hanging on an unfinished story Major pet peeve BUT all in all it was a very interesting start that just made me squirm in my seat just wondering what was going to happen next, when everything will come out to play, etc But again Impatient little me has wait for it _ who knows how lo...

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    Ummmm Smh

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    I adore love to hate stories and I love an anti hero villainous character as love interest So when I learned I could get the first ebook on for free, I downloaded it immediately.This story started out with so much potential And I was very intrigued for the first couple chapters However, as I continued to read, I began to realize that this book was just not for me India Gretal moves away from her little suburban town in England to start at her university On the first day, she runs into Oliver a boy she was in love with until she decided to make his life miserable Well now Oliver is hotter than the sun big man on campus He makes it his mission to exact revenge on India for making his life a living hell after his brother Christian died a brother that India was dating up until the time of his death Sounds good, right It might have been if it hadn t been for a ton of flaws in the story For one, India was so damn annoying She falls for prank after prank after prank, hoping that Oliver will eventually lose interest in torturing her She can t blame...

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    India is preparing to a fresh start, heading off to college with her best friend and ready to let the past go Two years ago her life changed When Christian dies India focuses on his brother, Oliver Hating and hurting him brings her a sense of peace that she never thought she would feel Months of torturing him, tearing him down to forget the pain of that night has India regretting her actions years later Oliver never knew why she turned on him, no one did But Oliver isn t the same boy she remembers Stuck at the same university, Oliver is ready to make her pay for what she put him through.Oliver never knew what forced India to bully him, but finally out of the shadow of his brother he s all grown up and ready to extract his revenge No one on campus knows him as the boy he used to be, he s the star he s popular and he s about to make India s life a living hell But as he attempts to humiliate her and run her off, feelings that she never dealt with come back But can she trust Oliver after everything she did to him Can he really be ready to forgive her for what she put him through I came across this book from a random post online You know the kind of post Does anyone know the name of the book that after all the guesses and then someone finally finding the book, it had my attention This story was a little different than most of the coming of age new adult romances out there The theme of being bullied isn t new to the NA genre, ...

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    DUMB DUMB DUMB SO DUMB IT HURTS.I suspect English isn t the author s first language due to the weird phrasing throughout the book And the protagonist articulates herself in a rather absurd manner This book would have worked better if it was set in a US High School because the characters behaviour is rather lame and childish.Plot decent plot Oliver hates India due to how she treated him when they were at Secondary school but his revenge consists of really silly pranks and being rude It s childish if anyone treated me that way I d just report the idiot it s a university not school, he could get into a lot of trouble for such conduct Anyway, would have been a good story if executed with less drama, less angst, and subtle mature scenes Many of the scenes were reminiscent of American High School films such as Mean Girls or US frat boy activities rather than a UK university Writing melodramatic, overblown and immature Every other chapter It Is The End Of The World as we know it And there s an entire treatise on how much she hates Oliver And how He Will Not Defeat Her Then another few pages devoted to how HOT he is and how EVERY GIRL is swooning over him He s The Most Popular Guy In The World And of course WHICH Girl Could POSSIBLY Say No JUST SHUT UP ...

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    These characters were a NIGHTMARE India was a horrible person to Oliver So I get why he would want revenge However, he was a little too old to be acting the way that he did India had some horrible things happen to her in the past and it sucked However, she really didn t get a lot of sympathy from me When she treated Oliver even worse for something he had no idea happened it made it hard for me The last straw for me was the ending I thought they would work past i...

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