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Happiness Paradox (Reaktion Books - Focus on Contemporary Issues)The Dream Of A Happy Life Has Preoccupied Thinkers Since Plato, And In Modern Times It Has Become One Of The Signature Tunes Of Our Age The Rise Of Therapists, Gurus, New Age Cults And The Use Of Prozac Are Familiar Indicators Of How Ubiquitous The Pursuit Of Happiness Has Become Within Western Culture.The Happiness Paradox Examines How This Modern Obsession Has Evolved Ziyad Marar Shows How The State Of Mind We Seek Remains Highly Elusive, And Much Of The Energy Devoted To Searching For Happiness Is Wasted Or Even Self Defeating The Author Argues That Happiness Is A Deceptively Simple Idea That Will Always Be Elusive Because It Is Based On A Paradox The Conflict Between Feeling Good While Simultaneously Being Good It Is The Conflict, For Example, Between The Desire To Break Rules, For Adventure Or Self Expression, And The Need To Follow Them To Gain The Approval Of Society These Tensions Permeate What Freud Called The Two Central Parts Of A Happy Life Love And Work.Drawing On A Wide And Varied Range Of Sources From Psychology, Philosophy, History, Popular Novels, Television And Films This Book Will Engage All Those Who Are Looking For Meaning Within Their Lives It Challenges The Conventional Search For Happiness, While Suggesting A Bolder Way To Live With One Of The Central Paradoxes Of Our Time.

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    A brilliant discourse on modern happiness, Marar cites a broad range of sociological bellwethers, from classical Greek philosophers to modern films, on his quest to bring consciousness to the internal ordering of our lives Marar s theories and examples ring true, building an excellent case for an ongoing shift in goals, the slide along a continuum between two poles of freedom and justification similar to commitment This book is an excellent read for critical thinkers and anyone who seeks synt...

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    A beautiful little book of deep life wisdom A rare author who is not afraid to present paradoxes instead of simplifications.

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    Interesting thesis about happiness being created through the interplay between freedom and justification, adventure and praise I was on board, too, for most of the book But I just don t understand why he can t accept religious or internal audience...

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