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Falling Off the Family Tree SEAN KINNARNEY, Headstrong Son Of Irish Immigrants And ANA LAPINSKI, Beautiful, Self Absorbed Daughter Of Polish Immigrants, Ignite A Far Reaching Fire When Their Worlds Collide Sean S Recklessness And Ana S Sense Of Entitlement Create A Family Secret That Comes Home To Roost In The Following Generation Sean S Trail Of Sins And Ana S Deceit And Thirst For Revenge Lead To Disaster For Each Of Them.It Is 1936 Emotionally Deserted By Distraught Parents After The Death Of His Baby Sister, Sean Refuses To Abandon His Father S Forsaken American Dream Left To His Own Devices, The Young Man Travels A Road Strewn With Bad Choices And Risky Behavior Trapped Into Marriage And Unexpected Parenthood At A Young Age, Sean Begins Down A Path Of Destruction First Stop Ana Lapinski.Ana Lapinski Is Born With The Gift Of Beauty Her Old World Parents Are Incapable Of Reigning In Their Willful, Wild Child Time And Again, Ana Effectively Abuses Her God Given Gift As A Means To Whatever End She Desires With One Exception Sean Kinnarney.FALLING OFF THE FAMILY TREE Is A Three Generation Saga Told Against The Backdrop Of The First 70 Years Of The 20th Century The Story Moves From Southern New Jersey To The Wealthy Suburban Enclaves Of The Main Line Outside Philadelphia It Ends In Tragedy On The Chesapeake Bay.

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    I enjoyed this book right from the start The story is told over 20 plus years It is about two families that are unknowingly linked together by the manipulations of a major sociopath Her actions and decisions hurt the people around her who accept her and love her Eventually they begin to see her for who she truly is The two young women, who later learn they are sisters, are quite opposite of each other in their lives and exp...

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    Notes to myself so I won t forget what this book was about I think this book was a freebie b c I have Prime It was a pretty good story involved and twisted so much so that all of the characters were interwoven with one another in weird and unusual ways making it slightly unbelievable I found too that details were repeated over and over again, however there were at least two surprising turns that I did not see coming.This is the story of Sean and Ana He was an ignored child who grew up having big dreams and aspirations, none that ever came to fruition Ana was the black sheep of her family and was on the wild side Sean and Ana met and, well, you can imagine where the story went.There was also Gert and Ralph, Ana s sister and brother in law, Louie Sean s friend , Mary Ellen Sean s wife , Cecilia Cecil Aurora Rory , Harry Frazier Ana s husband and the local pharmacist , Daniel Cecil s boyfriend , and a boat named Blue Eyes.This book was not written very well, the details were obvi...

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    Weak titleReading this was like reading a n early draft rather than a polished novel The characters were weakly developed and the plot tiresome when it could have been believable I do not recommend this book.

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    Excellent readI would recommend this story to anyone who had has of any knit, whether it be by birth, adoption, multiple marriage, or friendship

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    This was a good book, light escape reading, perfect for the beach or hot summer days when it s too hot to do much of anything The sins of one generation affect not just those guilty of the sins but the generations that follow The theme is the old standard ...

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    This was a very well written, intriguing story When I started reading I didn t think I d like this book because it was so dark, but the I read the interesting it became I gave it 5 stars because of how well all the different stories meshed with each other I imagine not an easy thing to do.

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    Dysfunction in its glory A riveting story of an evil woman who destroyed the lives of everyone around her It contains every emotion from sadness to happiness, interwoven with secrets and lies.A real page Turner which you won t be able to put down until the end

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    Lots of good character development As I reader, I was immediately swept up in this complicated story, and engaged with the characters quite deeply Ana the mother has a lot of secrets and lies in her past and present, and somehow lives each day with them.

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