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Winters Heart In A World Eerily Similar To Our Own, The Age Of Technology Has Passed And Mankind Finds Itself Sharing The World With Seven Other Mortal Races Steven Boughmount Is One Such Man, Struggling To Support His Family In A World Full Of Strange Gods, Magic, And All Of The Ghosts And Relics Of A Wondrous Age Now Vanished Steven Is A Hunter, Part Of A Guild Of Men Who Roam The Land To Destroy The Dark Races Bent On Mankind S Doom He Has A Good Life A Loving Wife, Healthy Children, And A Fine Home All Of That Is Threatened, Though, When He And His Life Long Friend Glen Find The Biggest Bounty Of Their Careers And Decide To Try And Hide It From The Head Of Their Guild.

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    It s been a long time since I ve found a writer with a natural narrative voice You can enjoy many, many books because the stories are great and you really like the style, but that s a different thing This is the easy, smooth flow of words that only comes from writers who have the gift of natural storytelling in them Whether or not it s true for the author or not, for the reader it feels as if it must be something that writer does without thought, like breathing or some sort of magic Once you find it in one author you despair of finding it in many others because you can feel how rare and very satisfying the writing really is Well, if Winter s Heart is any indication, Mr Kanuckel seems to have this gift and I hope he keeps on sharing it with us.In Winter s Heart we meet Steven Boughmount and his friend Glen Tillson, two hunters who have the unique fortune of having guard duty the night a band of unusual goblins come from the woods and attempt to attack the walls of their village In a flurry of gunfire and slashing blades the goblins are dispatched and their improbable bounty is revealed The two men both good hunters but far from rich from their work are soon tempted to keep their ...

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    This book was truly amazing I could not put it down Amazing story that will grab you and keep your attention through the whole story Definitely a MUST read for everyone

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    This is how stories should be told beautiful, heart wrenching, making the reader completely lost within the pages It s been a while since I read this book but it still resonates as a book, that for me, is how fantasy should be written.

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    This is the third book I have read by this author and as usual I was drawn into a magical world that forced me to want to know about the characters and world being presented Mr Kanuckel is a true story teller and his descriptions are unique and always spot on I don t grow weary of his phrases as I do of many other books lately which seem to just peddle the same literary wares all the time The adventures are thrilling, the love is touching, the cruelty is intense and the reality brutal Altogether a brilliantly prepared piece of work that has the breath of real fantasy breathed into it The only thing that bothers me is a personal matter about profanity and some rougher scenes that normally cause me to reject a book This story follows the adventures of Steven Boughmount and his friend Glen as they are sent on a perilous journey Their acti...

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    What a great adventure I love how the story flits from one group of people to another Fear not, it only does this a few times, but for me, I like lots of things going on Firstly, this is a great unique tale Great characters, both good and bad with a few fantasy creatures thrown in for fun I felt that about three quarters of the way through, the author had rushed it a bit and some of the sentences were a bit disjointed However, the last quarter, the author got ...

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    Wonderful Kept me fascinated, I love some of these apocalyptic tales, and enjoy trying to figure out from a description of what something technological might have been, in regards to how it looks to someone who has never seen it My only complaint is that the end seems to slam into you suddenly.after a long journey for both, bam, they re home, no...

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