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About Face Reclusive Forensic Artist Macy Sheridan Agrees To Work One Final Case She Hopes Will Solve The Mystery That S Haunted Her For Years The Only Things Blocking Her From Achieving Her Goal Are A Perfect Facial Reconstruction And Detective Leigh Monroe, A Woman Who Reminds Her Of The Past And Challenges Her Future.Leigh Monroe Has Lost Her Lover, Her Livelihood, And Her Home, But She Chooses To Look On The Bright Side What Else Could Go Wrong Then She Meets Rude, Solitary Macy Sheridan But Leigh Discovers That Macy S Fa Ade Is A Mask, Yet As Real And Untouchable As The Forensic Reconstructions She So Meticulously Creates.

PDF / Epub ☉ About Face  Author V.K. Powell – Realestatelawcenter.us
  • Paperback
  • 264 pages
  • About Face
  • V.K. Powell
  • 03 January 2018
  • 9781626390799

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    Though I own quite a few of Powell s books, this is the first one I ve had a chance to read I was hopeful but had no idea what to expect Luckily, I really did enjoy this.I would classify this as a romance that had mystery elements The romance is the main focus of the book, but with one character a detective, and the other a forensic artist, you also had mystery crime parts of the book.I thought both characters were well written And as a reader you felt like you got to know them and identify with them The romance is where the story shined for me, maybe a little unneeded angst, but overall well done Plenty of surprisingly steamy sex scenes too.The mystery I liked, but thought it got a bit too easily wrapped up ...

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    First off, Ms.Powell was generous enough to add one of all time favorite snack The Donut into the story She even went the extra mile bywriting one of the best way to devour it I came across a Donut shop yesterday, the signboard said Donut Cun Cun means cute in Malay and I was just standing and staringat it for minutes My twisted mind was just focusing on the word Cun until my friendbrought me back to reality and told me to getmy mind out of the sewer after I asked her if she was adding any letter. I need to check out for spas that perform brainwash Ms.Powell was a police officer, her knowledge experience were great additions to the story but unfortunately her crime thriller plot was all over the place, I felt like I needed to jot downnotes to keep track but simply wasn t in the mood to do so but I was certain that everything was related somehow.About Face was not a total loss, the romance and other elements were pretty good I paired it with a book by one of my favorite authors but my mind preferred this than the other The cloudy weather was just perfect for it as one of the leads was suffering from a loss that was affecting her...

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    3.7 stars I liked this one quite a lot The characters were really enjoyable but the plot does not live up to the same standard The mystery tied itself up too neatly But otherwise a solid read.

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    This has got a nice, fast pace with both mystery and romance I liked the way the puzzle pieces fitted together and that the final picture was different from what I was expecting There is a bit of relationship angst and miscommu...

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    Being an artist, I was a little worried about whether VK would be able to authentically capture the artistic process, since most of the books I ve read by her have been about cops and crime Her former career, which she obviously writes about with authority Well, I shouldn t have worried for a moment VK did an amazing job of describing feelings about creating art that I don t think I could have articulated myself, but which ring true Happily, there s ...

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    I listened to this on audiobook while walking the dog, getting the day s tasks dealt with, and any odd bits and bobs that would let me have time with the story.I really enjoyed this Macy Sheridan has a huge weight looming over her She s a forensic artist a skill set that s rare and incredibly complicated and she s all but a shut in Cut off from the world around her thanks to tragedy, loss, and red tape and especially the particular brand of awful that is police procedure and police officers who have left her completely distrustful , she s barely functioning as an artist any , keeps everyone away, and wants nothing to do with the outside world But she does need to rent out her boathouse, and that requires a modicum of interaction which she hopes she can keep to a minimum.Leigh Monroe just lost a relationship, and made a conscious choice to do the right thing in the wrong way, and now her job as a police officer is also in jeopardy She has nowhere to live, and is suspended, so a retreat to get away from most of her life and especially the stares and accusations is a great idea Renting a small place is perfect, except for the owner, ...

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    First VK Powell book I have read and it will not be the last I really enjoyed the combination of Frozen Solid Ice Queen, a police mystery and a family drama entwined through the story.

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    Hilariously delightful encounters sparkle during the opening of this book and are peppered throughout I wasn t prepared for, but not disappointed by, the many amusingly charming episodic engagements that occurred They also wonderfully balanced the intrigue and the out of this world unraveling of a fairly old missing person s case It was so astonishing that I had to re read the book again as soon as possible I truly enjoyed it the first time round, but my level of appreciation simply skyrocketed during the reread I recommend this book for lovers of mystery and the passionate unfolding of an astounding romance between very figuratively speaking the devil and the deep blue sea Magnificent Macy Sheridan is a remarkably talented woman who has lived beneath a cloud of such pain and guilt as to appear locked in a depressive state Her whole world collapsed a little than sixteen years ago and she has built and rebuilt her walls to stay hidden, alone, and in mourning However, her sharp wit along with an all encompassing professionalism and finely ingrained artistic soul allows her humanity and sensuous nature to reblossom Macy scared me a bit, but I really came to adore her Fantastic Leigh Monroe is a ...

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    I think if I had remembered reading this book I would not have listened to it It was ok, I found the narrator a little annoying but mostly I discovered that listening to a sex scene in a romance novel is dramatic...

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    There were some great stakes in this one Macy is in a reclusive period and heading toward a new rock bottom while Leigh is a strong women who is tired of being a doormat I enjoy romance where the two protagonists progress into intim...

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