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Through the Glass A Broken Heart Can Never Be A Blank Canvas You Meet Someone, Fall In Love, And Live Happily Ever After Right That S What Jim MacDuff Thought, But After Years Of Being Blissfully Happy, Everything He Holds Dear Comes Crashing Spectacularly Down Thanks To His Interfering Mother In Law Felicity Flick Johnston Hart Is Passionate About Painting What She Sees Through The Glass Just Like The Subjects Of Her Paintings, She S Viewed Her Life As An Observer Instead Of Really Living Although She Adores Her First Love, Jim, Than Life, Her Mother S Expectations Eventually Chip Away At Her, Making Her Believe That Painting And Jim Are Simply Not Enough.After Settling Back Into Life As A Single Man In The Stunning Scottish Highlands, Jim Is Graced With An Unexpected And Unwanted Visitor Bringing Painful News That He Would Rather Not Hear A Letter From Beyond The Grave Leads Him To Do Something He Never Imagined And Takes Him On A Journey To Try To Help Flick Rekindle Her Passion For Painting And Maybe Win Her Love Again In The Process.Can Jim And Flick Make Things Right Before It S Too Late, Or Will Events Leave Them Heartbroken And Alone Forever

[Ebook] ↠ Through the Glass  Author Lisa J. Hobman – Realestatelawcenter.us
  • ebook
  • 246 pages
  • Through the Glass
  • Lisa J. Hobman
  • English
  • 10 January 2019
  • 13:9781939217

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    I Can t Get EnoughI first heard about Lisa J Hobman on a post on Facebook when a fan was promoting her newest book Bridge of Hope I loved how it sounded so I started following her to know when it would be released While waiting she suggested I read Bridge Over the Atlantic, so I got it right away I was so very happy I did, I had found another author I loved her works Bridge of Hope did not disappoint me either So today I finally decided to read Through the Glass, and once again not disappointed at all, actually loving her work even Through the Glass is about a love found, lost and then found again Immediately I loved Jim, not as crazy about Felicity, she did throw away a wonderful man But sometimes we have to lose something to totally appreciate it Jim and Felicity s story is very heartwarming and heartb...

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    4.5 stars Through the Glass has so many things going for it Jim Beautiful descriptions of Scottish scenery Jasper the dog The name Flick MacDuff Did I already say Jim I like how the author brings this story full circle The following conflicts themes come up frequently, especially near the beginning Felicity rejecting the nickname Flick Jim gave her at Oxford the act of looking through windows glass at first literally then later in a different sense Felicity s and her mother s insistence that she keep her maiden name after the marriage The author addresses all these again near the conclusion and resolves them in a satisfactory way I can t really explain how here because of spoilers, but as a writer myself, I appreciate how this gives the narrative a nice, balanced structure and feel The male protagonist Jim is great Almost too good to be true, but he gets frustrated and impatient, so that grounds him I also appreciate Flick She is clearly struggling with her ambition and could have really come off as a shrew, but I think the author gets her just right I understood her, even though I wanted to grab her by the shoulders and shake some sense into her The characters and their reactions are complex there s no black and white here I m also glad that the author included some art world intrigue into the plot The story would have been great as just a contemporary romance dealing with Jim and Flick s relationship, but the complications in NYC really a...

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    This was a lovely book about the relationship between Jim and Flick who met during Freshers week at University They were so in love but Flick had aspirations to become a high flying exec that she forgot why she d fal...

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    Lisa Hobman has done it again I fell in love with her first book Bridge over the Atlantic and she has out done herself with this one You can feel the love that Flick and Jim share and I would recommend this book to all my friends Just make sure that you have a box or two of tissue with you Wel...

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    Loved this 2nd book by Lisa J Hobman It was sexy, heart warming, sad, funny Lisa always takes you on a journey and describes the locations of her characters well and makes you wish you were there.

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    I was given a copy of the book to provide a voluntary review at my own will.Lisa has a wonderful writing style and this book is just a continuation of her style This is a story of love, loss, betrayal, suspense and finding your soulmate Through the Glass takes you on a journey of how two people reconnect after years apart and a messy break up You experience sorrow, sadness, joy, anticipation and love whilst you read the book and that is why I fell in love with the book so fast The story is told through two perspectives, both Flick and Jim s, but it seems to focus on Jim The time jumping takes a little to get used to, but once you have, the book flows beautifully and the story becomes what you need to complete I liked the suspense element of the book, as it allowed you to see how dark the art world can get when people become desperate The other characters in the book were wonderful, especially Flick s father and Jim s dog, and I d love to read another book to see how Flick and Jim are doing.Jim, or James, is a Scottish man who went back to the place which made him happiest after his life shattered London wasn t his scene but the beautiful Highland village he moves to is his style I loved how Jim was an intelligent man who didn t want to fit in with other people s perceptions of how his life should be He is a free spirit who would just like to love his soulmate and live a simple life whilst his soulmate enjoys herself and is free He is a warm h...

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    I was given this book by the Author, Lisa J Hobman, for an honest review and so I shall deliver.The Review The book starts out with Felicity Flick and Jim breaking up Jim has always called her Flick as a nickname and a term of endearment Suddenly FELICITY is too good for that name, Jim and their marriage She used to paint things that she would see through the glass window when they would be traveling somewhere But she never felt she was good enough, so she strived to be the best at buying and selling art She succeeded.Jim is laid back He has everything he needs as long as he has Felicity by his side He graduated with first class honors from Oxford University, but he s content to sit in a bookstore all day selling books Felicity s mother Penelope is always telling Felicity she can do better than Jim, that he s lazy, has no potential, etc Instead of following her heart and staying with her soul mate Felicity follows her mother s advice and decides to upgrade from Jim The break up scene is heartbreaking because Jim loves her than life itself He would do anything for her and she knows it He was begging and pleading for her not to leave him and she didn t care We were both on the same page I don t understand how we changed We didn t change I did Like...

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    THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERSThrough the glass is another stellar novel Flick and Jim have after years of love and marriage, become Felicity and James Flick and Jim have a soul mate sort of love As time grows and Flicks mother spreads her views of the life her daughter needs, the love seems to disappear Flick is an artist, but becomes a art dealer instead This novel was heartbreakingly beautiful Two people who are so blind to signs and emotions, nearly completely muck up everything Flicks father loves Jim as a son, he sadly passes away, but his will states Jim s inherited treasure must be hand delievered by Flick in Scotland Jim isn t very happy she s at his home and even less so when she gets snowed in He s a bit of a prick to her only as protection from being hurt by her again She finally leaves and its on terrible terms He wants to go after her and she s hoping he would He doesn t and she moves away Then he finds a letter stating she still loved him and always had, he has to come up with a grand idea to woo her back He saved all the paintings she did over the years and sets up an exhibition for her She is supposed to discover an artist and its hidden that she s the artist Then tragedy strikes and everyone is at a loss, then after dealing with such tragedy, they get wonderful news well sorta She s alive but someone tried to kill her Jim flies to New York to be by her side They have a rough few weeks, but after discussions finally go home He...

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    This is the second book from this author, her first being Bridge Over The Atlantic which I loved This one didn t disappoint either The book starts with an ending The end of a relationship It then jumps back and forward between present day and past, happier, times This allows the reader to delve into the relationship between Jim and Felicity We get a much deeper insight into how they met, fell in love, and fell out of love again Well, at least that s what we are led to believe in the beginning.Jim moves on with his life, moving to the Scottish Highlands This is a theme which is also in the authors first book The author herself moved to Scotland a few years ago from Yorkshire due to her love of the country, and this shines through in both of her books As a Scot I totally understand her love of the area, its scenery and its people A sad event brings a visitor to Jim s door, and sets about a chain of events which leads him on a path he never dreamt he could walk down again Feelings which both Jim and Felicity believed were long buried surface once again, but as we all know, things never go to plan.What Jim ends up trying to do for Flick is something which will make the reader fall in love with him even But can he pull it off or does fate have other plans for these two When something unexpected happens Jim has to pull himself to...

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    Please note I received an ecopy of the book from the author, in exchange for an honest review Through The Glass is Hobman s sopho novel I was fortunate to be able to read and review Lisa s debut novel, and was pleased to receive the invitation for this new publication Her writing is warm and captivating.it is emotional and heartfelt.it will make you laugh and cry.both books I have read have made me bring out the tissue box..and both held surprises.like little buried treasures Lisa does a great job of painting a story for her readers Her colors are vivid and almost multi dimensional, pulling you into a relatable storyline that sometimes throws you for a twist It s warm, loving, happily ever after romance that just makes you want to be in love.I have to admit that I was a little concerned when I first began this book The style and formatting is slightly different that her debut My mind flips easily with changing POVs, but does not always flop in and out of time too well Through The Glass travels back and forth in time, from present day to the past Experience tells me that sometimes my mind does not want to travel like that On top of that, the book takes place in the UK and I knew there might be slang phrases that I might struggle with But the author made it easy for me The storyline revolved around the breakup..present time or after breakup and before the breakup When we traveled back into the past, it ...

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