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Finding Their PathIn The Year 2060, A Therapist Named Kate Takes A Job At A Government Run Underground Seed Storage Bunker In Rural Montana She Quickly Learns That The Facility Has Many Uses Than What The Public Is Told After Making Fast Friends With Two Mechanical Engineers And A Virologist Working On An Emerging DNA Virus, Kate Begins To Settle In To Her New Position And New Life Everything Changes When A Nuclear Strike Is Detected Headed For The Mainland U.S The True Perpetrators Of This Strike Are A Mystery To All Kate, Along With Her New Friends, Do What They Must Do In Order To Keep Not Only Themselves Alive, But The Rest Of Humanity As Well.

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    Having read and enjoyed both Down The Path and Further Down The Path 2, I really looked forward to this book, the prequel to those stories This book contains a complete story, and can be read as a stand alone, but is much fun if you ve read the other two books first.I enjoyed the characters and the story of the friendships formed between them The plot has a twist or two that kept things very interesting The richly detailed description of the location makes me want to go see that part of Montana for myself There is an underlying theme of hope in this author s books that I find refreshing, and this book has it as well This story details the downfall of a technology and weaponry heavy society, without destroying all hope for the future of humanity Travis Mohrman has a knack for portraying people realistically, with their assorted quirks as well as hopes, fears, and skills How these characters deal with each other determ...

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    I guess this is a prequel to the other books in the series and came out after them but I read it first and enjoyed it Good characters and plot I read a lot of apocolyptic stories and kind of nice to have one that isn t ...

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    Finding Their Path , though it could be read as a stand alone story, is the prequel to Down the Path and Further Down the Path , also by Travis Mohrman It chronicles a military installment located in Montana, roughly 500 years prior to the adventures of Cooper and the Village for those of you who have read DTP and FDTP , and gives the reader some idea of how the environment of those stories came to be This is a smart book the author has really developed his writing and storytelling skills during the months between his first books, and this one The characters are well developed the setting is described in rich detail, but does not become overwhelming He is able to blend science and humanity and even humor, without missing a step As with Mohrman s other books, you find yourself coming to really like these characters, and hoping for good things to happen to them This s...

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    Finding Their Path was just as enjoyable as the first two of the series and it shows obvious improvements in Mohrman s writing abilities As mentioned, this book is the third in a series The first is Down The Path and second is Further Down Path Finding Their Path is a prequel of sorts It details how the world came to be in the state it is in during the first two books I don t w...

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    In essense, this book was a prequel to the first 2 I still liked it but not as much as the first two Not as much character development in this one but I liked learning how the world came to be in the state the first two books...

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    A great premise of the apocalypse Mohrman develops this prequel to Down the Path with a unique and satisfying spin on the state of the world It takes a clear and detached personality to see the solution to what threatens us all, and not a ...

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    A prequel of sorts, this book did a lot of explaining the roots of the problems dealt with in Down the Path and Further Another great read and I feel lucky to have stumbled on such a talented cat so early in his career This guy can spin a yarn seriously It has a pretty cool title too

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    Prequel to Down the Path and Further , this was my favorite of the three Post apocalyptic fiction is not my favorite genre but I really enjoyed this book as well as the others in the series Well written and the story kept moving, making it easy to stay interested.

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    Even though it s lacking Cooper and some of the other characters readers have grown fond of, this is the best written and fastest paced book of the series, and it doesn t hurt that this book gives background into why the bunker was built and how Hunter s world came about.

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    It s a great read With strong characters and a driven plot, it rounded out the whole saga and provided a drop shadow like depth and context for the other books Really enjoyed it On the down side, it needed beer as a plot device and as a reader s tincture

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