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Knights of Sidonia #6 La Situazione Sull Asteroide Critica I Gauna Sono Quasi Riusciti Ad Annientare La Forza D Attacco Della Sidonia E Ora, Con L Apparizione Della Sfinge Della Vite, Il Successo Della Missione Diventa Ancora Pi Improbabile Forse Giunta La Fine Per La Nave Seminale Oppure Nagate E I Pochi Piloti Rimasti In Vita Riusciranno A Fare Quanto, Allo Stato Attuale Delle Cose, Sembra Impossibile

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    I love sci fi stories, so I m sticking with this to see where it goes, but it s definitely not perfect I wish the author would explainabout what s going on because sometimes something happens that I know is significant, but because I don t have enough context, I can t tell how significant or wha...

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    There s a weird feeling that s been running through the series where events are framed to be high stakes, but because we don t know what is happening, it is like a balloon big, but empty.

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    The Hawk Moth has survived, Kunato is messing with things that he probably shouldn t be, and the exodus by the Lem most likely lead to everyone there getting killed.

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    Just when I was starting to really like Kunato, view spoiler thathappens He s brilliant now, but I wanted to see him softening into the sympathetic character I felt he was becoming at the end of volume 4 hide spoiler.

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    The story thickens and new secrets were revealed Tanikaze was in the dark and suspects that there isbehind the fight with the monsters and Kunato is proving to be very good asset to the crew and people living on the ship.

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    Watching the series and reading the manga In spite of all the action and dark subtext, there is a deft hand with light humour Some of it is silly and feels like a romantic comedy or a sexcapade that is chaste enough for teenagers.

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    We re back to being confused

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